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Before I start this, I should probably reveal that I am an anti-packer fan. Not as much as the Patriots, but next in line.
Did anyone else find it funny that the game of the week had one of the biggest lines between teams?
And how about the NFL Network?
Several others like myself will be stuck looking at live game feeds online instead of being able to watch it.
Pretty big disappointment.
If the Packers have Woodson or not, is not that big of concern. The Boys have enough threats to take out the Packers. Running the ball, TO, Witten. Plenty of options. The question will rely on the Cowboys pass defense, or defense overall. Favre has a good chance of picking apart this defense as does Grant.
A big part of the game will be that not only is it at home for the Boys, but also indoors.
The O/U is 52.
I hate doing overs in games like this, but I might have to.
The Cowboys can score on anyone, and the Packers if needed can do the same.
34-28 Boys.


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Has anyone seen the weather for this game?
It is nasty.
Look for a low-scoring game.
Each team will try and run.
People will slip all over the field, expect turnovers.
24-10 Steels.

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Dang, I was so close with that Eagles upset pick. Disappointing.
But I mean, 24 point favorites? That has to be up with the biggest spread ever for an NFL game.
You could just smell it, that something was going to happen that you didn’t expect. Yes, Feeley ‘Flakes’ tore up the Patriots DE.

Well there is something for the rest of their opponents. Good job Eagles. Goodbye McNabb.

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Here we go!
Let’s start with the Lions, yes. Love those guys. I was at the game Thursday, and I will at admit, before the game I thought the Lions were better team than that and had a pretty good chance of pulling an upset.
Ah, little did I know their defensive backs are actually worse than I thought they were. Please at least stay on your feet. One on one coverage they fell at least 3 teams…not good guys. But, the Packers did prove themselves, I give them that.
The Boys and the Horses took their games pretty handily. The Colts were looking rather rough if the first quarter. But, P. Manning would not allow that to open. Anthony Gonzo decides to show up and earn himself top yardage/catches. Very nice.

And back to week 11.
The Jags continue to impress.
Patriots please, no one likes you, and I hate to say it: You will not win the Superbowl, the SB is not going to let jerks like you to win. I’m sorry, I mean I definitely see the need to go for 4th downs when you are up by 30/40 points!! Of course, Tom Brady “I NEED RECORDS, I NEED TO OVERPOWER PEYTON’S RECORDS!” He is saying something like that. Finally, Maroney the baloney gets his first touchdown last week! So proud of him, I mean Brady is probably still pissed about it, oh well I guess.
Okay, sorry about that.
Like I said before, the Saints: not good.
Browns, you better believe it, even though they barely got by. Giving up 30 points to the Ravens might be considered a loss in itself.
Woooah, J E T S, that was something over the Steelheads, and it was also something not being able to score against the Boys, ehh.
Steelers better pick it up, we all need them to beat the Patriots.
After a few losses, the Bucs are alive again, be on the lookout.
Cardinals are looking to make a run. Good job bengals, your defense continues to impress.
Two straight for the Rams…yay…
Good job Seahawks, but lookout for the Cards!
After the Lions game, it looks like the Broncos have something to say, I know the Titans have not been playing well, but the AFC West is looking pretty tough with a bunch of mediocre teams.

Oh Reggie! Nice grab, nice grab.

Throw in some action for the reader there. Yay!

Now: Week 12.

A pretty gruesome week. I mean really, 24 point favorites for the Patriots…no comment.
Even though the 49ers are 10 point underdogs, they still beat the Cards in the first game of the year.
Giants should be able to handle the Vikings well, I mean they can’t pass, but we knew that 10 weeks ago, and so did everyone else. Time for Elisha to get back on track (or however you spell his name).
The Jaguars are just powerful, and the Bills and just embarrassed by last weeks loss at HOME.
It almost looks like Bears/Broncos is the best game. Sort of funny…
I like the Broncos, but each of these teams are unpredictable. Cutler>Grossman, so that is my decision.
Ohhh, I pick the Bengals wayyy too much. I say that every week.
I don’t know though, whenever Vinsanity throws for over 250 yards, they tend to lose (ex. last 2 weeks). He will reach 250 against the BUNGles. So that means the Bengals will win, even though they are not good at all.
Herm Edwards will take out the Raiders single-handedly.
Browns/Texans: expect points, but also expect Browns. Home field, and the Texans just don’t like cold weather.
Julius will handle Brees/Bush and the Panthers will win. The Saints are still favorites…
Edit: David Carr is starting, I will change my pick and sadly go with the Saints.

Good game: Bucs vs. Skins
I don’t think Campbell has enough to take on the Bucs defense, but the Skins defense may be too much for Jeff. However, the Bucs will sneak by, with the pirates.
Love the Cardinals. Hate the Chargers, but, the Ravens are worthless.
Eagles> Patriots, yea I said it. AJ Feeley is the quarterback? Who knows. Yea I’m just kidding, stupid Patriots.
Look out for the Eagles defense to return 2 INTs for TDs for Tom Brady (just adding to his record).
Steelers seriously, prove yourselves. The Dolphins and Beck/Williams, really good offense. If this is a close game…Good night Steelers.

How ’bout that? Patriots are going to lose, take my word for it!
Of course I am saying that because I hate them, but last game of the year against the Giants (if no one else can beat them). The G-Men will be fighting for a playoff spot (possibly), that means yes ELI>TOM ! Yes yes yes! He will redeem his brother!

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Okay okay okay.
Enough of the bye weeks, we are now full tilt NFL, on our way to the playoffs.

In case anyone was wondering, yes I finally picked the Saints to go down to the Rams, what a great win.
Other than that, the Browns were a harder test than anyone thought they would be. The Eagles are still trying to make a run after the beating of the Redskins defense. Maybe the Packers are really that good. I am impressed by Jacksonville with these wins they are getting with Gray playing QB. I did not see any of these happening, but he did play better than Vinsanity, so what next?
With Chris Henry back, maybe the Bengals can win it out for a run at the playoffs, well, they might have to score some touchdowns here and there (I mean 7 field goals?). The Boys showed who was best in the NFC, and the Giants know where they need to improve (allowing 4TDs/game to Romo). Hey! The Bears got another win, with who? Grossman is back baby!
The Lions, need I say more? Competing with the Bolts to be the most inconsistent team in the league.
I’m not worrying about the Colts as much as everyone else, they played well, will get healthier. My only concern: Special Teams, it’s been a problem for a while, we’ll see how they cope.
The Seahawks Monday Night win, ehhh.

Now what’s in line for this week?

Packers: demolishing
Colts, Browns, Bucs : back on track
Cards/Bungles and Saints/Texans : shoot-outs

Hardest pick of the week goes to the Giants/Lions game.
It IS the Lions at home, both coming off losses however…
I really like the Lions to win this game, but can I really pick the Lions to win a big game? I don’t know if I trust them enough. It will be close, but the G-Men will get to Kitna too many times.
The Bills will put up a fight, but not big enough for the Pats. Lynch is questionable too, so that makes matters worse.
I like the Broncos in MNF. Titans could get back on track, but from what I have seen lately from their offense, is not good at all.

Colts will put things together, don’t worry about it.

I like the Chargers in an upset, even though the Jags have been playing well. I don’t think the Chargers are that good of team either, I just think they need to take out this mediocre team.
Who else? Not like it matters, but the Raiders have a good shot of taking out the Vikes.
I’ll take the Bungles even though the Cardinals are surging.
The Steel Curtain will be just that.
Maybe I’m forgetting something…
The Browns are good.

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NBA Sizzle

Here’s something new. Enough of the NFL already!

A look at the new season. There are a few surprises so far, but mostly everything was predicted.
Detroit of course will take the Central, they have been looking like themselves. The Cavs have actually taken a step down from how they played last year, we’ll see how that comes through. The Bulls will pick it up though, maybe finish 2nd in the Central.
Boston…has just been dominating. People had their doubts at the beginning of the year, but have they showed something so far. With defense and all their scoring threats.
Orlando finds themselves in an unfamiliar position compared to previous years. So far, the addition of Lewis has helped out a lot. With Dwight the beast playing his bet yet, they have a stellar lineup.

Portland has been a bit of a surprise over in the west. With their win over the Pistons last night, and also one against the Mavs. I don’t see them competing with Denver and Utah for the top spot in the Northwest though.
The Suns have not been that impressive. The Clippers have been playing good, 0-2 without Mobley though. The Lakers will always be there with Kobe, except they’ve had some bad losses against the Hornets and Spurs.
The Southwest is by far the best division. Rockets, Hornets, Spurs, Mavericks, all of these teams have a chance to win the division. With the exception of the Hornets, they have looked good, but I’m not sure how much they will be able to compete with the powerhouses of the West. Otherwise, none of these teams stand out to me. The Spurs have been the most consistent so far though…

I like Detroit and Boston in the East.
I like Houston and San Antonio in the West.

That is if they all stay healthy, well mainly Houston. I also think the Jazz are better than the Mavericks…and Suns.

That’s it for now. Once NFL is done, I will probably start some pick’em. That’ll be a while though.

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The weeks have gone by quickly. It’s been a good season though, hopefully it doesn’t go by too fast.

Disappointed that I haven’t been able to update earlier in the week. But Colts/Pats, good game even though no one else thought it was. Even though the Colts lost, they looked real good. Stopping the Patriots like that, even though they lost it in the end, the Colts played real well. Truthfully, I don’t think anyone thought the Colts were that good, their defense at least.
And the Saints, hey let’s face it…They still aren’t good. I don’t care what they are doing. I will keep defending their opponent until they beat someone noteworthy.
How about those Lions, that win was real nice. Just showed how much they have improved since last year.
As well as the Browns, no one expected them to pull through in OT of that game, or come back from that deficit.
Steelers are starting to wreck havoc like the Colts/Pats.
Chargers were the biggest disappointment for me last week, I mean what happened to their better then average run defense. WHAT was that !? I mean, everyone KNEW that they were going to run the ball, everyone. Maybe they are that good, but still, if you know exactly what a team was going to do, you should be able to stop it, right?
Bengals, Bungles, who knows, they are a mess. I think I’ve said that before…

Well let’s get this week started.

I’m not exactly sure how the Lions are underdogs, after they lose we’ll probably see why though.
No, just kidding, I see the LIONS winning, if they can stop Kurt like the Bucs did last week.
Steelers/Browns, Pretty big game, as the Browns are fighting for a playoff, yes the Browns, but the STEELERS are just too tough, expect about a TD difference, not as much as the first game though.
PLEASE, someone needs to take out the Saints. What will I say, the RAMS? What? Yes!!! The Rams first win of the season comes against everybody’s favorite Saints. After the bye week, Bulger comes alive and takes it to them, BUT what about the Rams defense? Oh yea, that might be a problem.
A lot of divisional games this week, and a lot of big ones.
Some key games for the playoffs.
TITANS take another one from the jags, with gray at QB, they will score less than they did in the first meeting.
I pick the Bengals to win too much, but hey, this is a perfect game for them. Good defense, bad offense. As long as Palmer can find the end zone like the steelers did last week, the BENGALS will get 2 off the Ravens this year.
The first meeting was a shootout, this time, the Giants defense is a bit improved. Look for them to still score like they did last game, but control Romo a lot better. GIANTS.

Both teams looking to get back on the winning side. The Chargers really need to pick it up to make a playoff run, as they have already lost to the Chiefs. However, the Colts are the Colts, and they are just about the most consistent team there is in the NFL. COLTS on Sunday night in SD, oh yea, they can overcome diversity.

Good monday night game…Maybe they had hopes for either one of these teams to live up to expectations. The 49ers offense is horrid. The C-HAWKS will easily control the game. Unless of course the 49ers Defense can stop the hassler. Alexander will need to pick it up at some point this season too.

Very good.

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