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3-1 Yesterday

SEA +10.5, Over 43.5
NYJ +10, Over 45


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4-4 after wildcard weekend

BAL Win, Over 37.5
GB Win, Over 44.5

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Week 9 Declaration

Okay, the 2nd half of the season begins this weekend.

A pretty mediocre week, but we’re going to find out a lot. In close games I have

As much as I don’t like the Giants or Eagles, their opponents are even more suspect.

If the Chiefs win this weekend, I will officially claim that the ESPN experts are worthless and rank myself over them. Someone should tell them that Pick ‘Em and Accusore are beating…all of them!
The Sunday countdown picks look almost identical…

 Locks to come, riding a steady 66%.

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2 Pick ‘Em or Not 2 Pick

I wasn’t going to bother with this, this year, but the ESPN experts have forced me too.

Sunday Countdown | ESPN Experts | Yahoo Experts

Does Countdown know something the experts don’t? Jets and Dolphins across the board, except for TJ going with the Colts.

All right…this week is filled with a lot of tough games to pick, who will come out on top? Probably not me…

The Jets will put up a fight, but NE wins in a close one.
The Texans will also put a close game on the table, but the Titans are too tough.
Don’t dis the Lions, but the Vikings still win, closer than you think.
JAC and OAK both take the cake, in close games on bad teams.
The Redskins should win, but that’s not always the case for them.
Buffalo will have a tough time, but pull through.
49ers also looking strong, containing Hass somewhat.
BAL pulls the upset with a better offense and LT out.
Cowboys have been hyped too much, Giants win.
Indy will come to play, and the won’t disappoint.

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We’re here. Unbelievably, already.
I have changed my mind about everyday on these wild card match ups. There are some tough choices.

I ran across this on ESPN, by the Football Scientist. Hmm…
Okay, I get where he is coming from with the statistics and everything, BUT…
The Steelers and Ravens ranked below seven other teams?  The two BEST defenses in the league. When everyone preaches defense wins championships. This is considered a logical ranking system?
I understand the theory, I just don’t see why he is backing it up.

Experts: ESPN, CBS. Couldn’t find any others for some reason.
Based off of ESPN’s, the Falcons/Cardinals game is the game everyone is doubting.
Cardinals and Colts.

I know the Cardinals have been horrible lately, but most of the blowouts tended to be away from home. On the other hand, the Falcons have 4 of their 5 losses away from home. Matt Ryan has trouble away from home, which leads to Michael Turner trouble as well.
The Cardinals have a great offense, but their defense has been…not good.
The Cards will surprise some people, and get off their asses to pull out a win, as their defense makes some noise.
Falcons 23 – Cardinals 30

I believe the best playoff game will be the Colts/Chargers. The Chargers always play well against the Colts, no matter how their season is going. The Colts won earlier in the last second, while the Chargers have won the previous few contests. LT and Gates are questionable. Same as last year. Result? Not the same. The Colts are confident with nine straight, they won’t let a bye week get the best of them this year. Colts 27 – Chargers 21

Ravens > Titans / Colts > Steelers         // Colts > Ravens
Giants > Cardinals / Panthers > Eagles  // Panthers > Giants
(I still might pick the Vikings, however)

Colts > Panthers

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Counting Down

Championship week in most fantasy leagues. Two more weeks of regular season, though. Unfortunate?
Yes, it has gone by too fast.

The Ravens really surprised last night. I don’t have much to say about the Cowboys giving up those two 70+ yard runs at the end, just bad.

From my standpoint, not many upsets to expect in Week 16. Some good games though.
Bengals, Lions, Falcons
Those are my upsets.
The Vikings have probably been my worst predicted team this year. Hopefully not this week. The Falcons are good.
Redskins can pull an upset this week, if they play right (Not like last week).
Steelers, Giants, Bears
Out of these, the Titans have the best chance of an upset.

Rams and Seahawks could play stealers. If the Jets lose this one, they do not deserve anything that people have rewarded them with this year.

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It’s time for playoff predictions.

NFC;                      Teams that are on the edge;
NYG (13-3)        ATL (11-5)
CAR (11-5)        PHI (9-6-1)
ARI (10-6)        WAS (9-7)
CHI (10-6)         MIN (9-7)
DAL (11-5)
TB (11-5)

AFC;                    On the verge;
TEN (13-3)        MIA (10-6)
PIT (12-4)          BAL (10-6)
NYJ (11-5)
DEN (10-6)
IND (12-4)
NE (11-5)

I did not look very close into the tiebreakers…Just a quick glance into the future.

Falcons, Dolphins, Chargers

Now for bigger games;

Texans – at home, the Texans keep impressing
Cardinals – Depending on how much their defense can hold up, Warner should provide the win
Panthers – Their run game will control, everything
Steelers – Can the Ravens win a big game? I don’t think so
Cowboys The Boys get it done at home, they aren’t done yet

And yes, the championship game of my life.
Colts-Lions. Unfortunately, this year I don’t really need to say what I think will happen in this game…

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