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WWC RedCard

If you have not seen this yet. It is ridiculous.

Usually, USUALLY when someone trips on their opponents foot like that, it is considered nothing. Not even worthy of a call. However, all the ref saw were the girls on the ground. How unfortunate…


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I’ve been busy lately, so not much with fantasy football.

But last week was not a good week. To note, most of the picks I put on this site are mostly upsets.

So I was about 2-4 last week.
Bears we’re disappointing, Bengals should have won, Rams are not good at all, the Saints are done with, and the Giants pulled through for me.

7-6 overall for 2weeks, ehhh. I throw some more risky picks in for the week.

I don’t know who did the lines this week, BUT the Packers and Steelers are going to destroy those lines.

This is a rough week for upsets though, but will probably end out to be the week of most of upsets.
I don’t  see any that stand out to tell you the truth.
COLTS>Broncos, however, the Broncos will get the line, remember the Colts don’t like blowing out teams, and Cutler does have an arm, and they can run the ball.
RAIDERS>Fins, ehhh Culpepper, I could go with the Fins since it is home, but I like LJ this year, yes, Lamont Jordan.
BUCS>Panthers, very good possibility, Panthers have never been as good as people thought, and Delhomme might be out, that also leads to David Carr playing awesome.
Bears,Lions game is very intriguing, but I will say the Bears, because whenever I pick the Lions in games like these, yea, they lose.

Hmmm…Eagles, Giants. EAGLES, the giants defense is too weak for what the eagles can bring. BUT, it will be close, in NY.

And Finally, I am just going to pick the Bengals over the Patriots, because it will stun everyone when it happens.
The Bengals will compete, their defense is not 51points against Cleveland bad.

And watch they get smoked…eh.

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Pick ‘Em Week 3

Here it goes, I’ll try and throw down some more upsets this week.

Right off the bat.

SAINTS>Titans, after all my bashing last week on the Saints, but home game, Monday Night, if they can’t pull this through, that’s it.
GIANTS>Skins,  I am a small fan of the Giants, that may be why I pick them a lot, but, I don’t think the skins are that good, and maybe the Giants will pull through for me.
Cincy>CHawks, I am surprised that the Bengals are the Underdog, I give them this one.
RAMS>Bucs,  this is sort of an upset, since Bucs have the line, but it won’t surprise anyone when the Rams win.
Lions 6 point underdogs, i don’t think so, this will be a close one.

Colts over Texans, another close battle for the Colts, just as it was last week.

Oh yea, BEARS over Cowboys…uh huh.

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Review Week 2

Well wasn’t that an interesting week. Upsets left and right.

Let’s see. I was about 5-2 with my picks. Lions, Texans, 49ers, Bucs, Colts.

The Bills were not as good as I thought (or the Steelers are just that good), nor were the Broncos.
And I completely got the Chargers pick wrong, I should have known the Pats would have done that after the week they had…

Fantasy wise…

Good Picks : Garcia and Anderson exploded, Brees got nothing, Edge tore it up, Branch and Jerricho were decent plays, LJJJJ is doing the same as his offense, bad.
The Bad: Bulger passed my expectations as did Holt, Grossman still can’t do anything,  Jax has not found their running game, and Willis put up respectable numbers.

Not bad at all…

Let’s rank the 2-0 teams.

Packers, wooooah
Texans, wooooah

There is a pretty surprising list, that is not my top teams just top 2-0 teams also…Here are some 1-1 teams that can compete.
Chargers, Bears, Bengals, Titans, Ravens

Those are the only teams I like right now at 1-1.

Right now, there’s only 4 teams that show they can get to the Superbowl, I listed them in top 2-0’s.

Colts vs Patriots in AFC Champ game
Cowboys vs Seahawks in NFC, not that I like the hawks, but…I don’t like anyone else

How about those Saints? They have one more week to turn it around. Monday night home game…get back to the basics. If not, they are in for a long year.

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Here’s a little tidbit for fantasy this week. I know it is a little late, I will try better next time, and maybe more players.


Roethlisberrrger is money this week
Grossman may not be the best, but won’t have a repeat performance of last week.
Anderson, yes that is Derek, will be putting up number against the bengals, in a high scoring effort.
Garcia will do his business, against the saints who had nothing in response to the Colts

Bulger, don’t think he will improve this week, SF has a strong DE.
Brees, 2 straight weeks of nottthingggg, watch out…


Hit it:
The Edge may be picking it up this year, this will be a telling game
Peterson better than Jordan who ran well against the Lions last week
Jacksonville rbs are hoping to get back on track after that debacle last week

Slow down:
LJ might not be a for sure every week this year…
McGahee will produce about the same number as Maroney last week


Do It:
Jerricho-is the man, with Coles being covered tight, look for Cotch to exploit
B Marshall, B Stokley- I could add Walker, but I see these guys having bigger games, Stokesalot is deadly
D Branch would be a good play against Arizona, I expect Hasselbeck to get some TDs…

Everyone may think Colston will pick it up this week, I don’t.
Same with Holt, tough matchup, Bennett will come in and take catches from him

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Pick ‘Em For Yaaa

Hmm…should I limit the amount or do all of them. I haven´t really looked into the games yet, so I´ll just throw a couple in here.

First off.

TEXANS>Panthers Upset of the week, just had to throw that in there.
49ers>Rams   SF keeps it rolling to 2-0, rams…0-2

Bills should NOT be a 9 point underdog against the Steelers, I believe they have a good chance of winning as well, maybe another upset pick. They did not play that bad against the Broncos guys…

Be concerned about the Saints, they didn’t show anything against the colts, and well…I don’t think they will against the Bucs.

I’m just gonna give the win to the
After this whole week of fiasco.

Of course, I should say that I pick the Colts to win every week…just throwing that in there.

Maybe more to come, maybe fantasy advice later on…

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I guess I should write a little intro to my blog here. What I will write about…and stuff like that.

I’ll write basically anything that comes to my mind, but mainly sports and music. Since the NFL just started you will see a lot of articles revolving around that. Including fantasy football. I am a big fantasy player, have about 10 years in experience. I’ll probably give me weekly picks of the games, and fantasy tips. I may write about futbol as well, I follow Chelsea and Valencia over in Europe.
Also when the time comes, any other sport there is just about.

On the music side, my tastes include anything with rock in the title. I am not a big fan of rap or country, so you won’t find me writing on those genres. I’ll probably throw some CD reviews here and there.

My favorite NFL team are the Colts, I have followed them for over 10 years now. So I’ll comment about them once in a while. Other than that, I follow all Detroit based teams, including the Lions (just not as much as the Colts).

Well that’s all the main stuff.
I go to Michigan State.

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