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Tourney Time

Everyone ready?

2nd best time of the year, next to the NFL and Superbowl.

Who will it be?

One of the top teams that already went down? Or a constant contender like Duke, who still hasn’t lost in their tournament? Maybe Louisville who goes down by eight at halftime to the incredible Orangemen (7 ots) and starts the 2nd half on a 27-9 TEAR!?

This seems like a very big upset year with all these teams losing in their own tournaments, but maybe that’s just a conference thing?

I still haven’t decided…


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As it turns out there was only one article worth remembering before the tournament started.
It was in the NY Times, Margin of Victory, is the key to victory.
So far the MOV bracket deserves a 99.4% ranking in ESPN’s brackets, and if Kansas goes on to win a 99.9%.
For all of the other articles that were, well … EVERYWHERE, they did not fair as well!
“Do not pick all four No. 1 seeds, it will get you no where!” – Oh thanks for the help.
Others saying UCLA and UNC are easily the most dominant teams in the tournament. However, they just got dominated themselves. No one said anything about Memphis. And everything that was said about Kansas was if Bill Self could get the monkey off his back.

The championship game is here, and it seems pretty obvious, these are the two best teams in the NCAA. There is no doubt around the nation with last Saturday’s beatings.

Please, show us some respect!

Now we are here, and yet I am reading poor articles, “Memphis against everyone
Okay, yes they were the least favorite No. 1 seed. But now, they are favorites (-2) over Kansas to win the NCAA Championship. How is Memphis against everyone? Everyone has seen how good they can play now. The only people they are up against is Kansas.
Thank you for writing that article, maybe it could’ve been written a couple weeks ago.

I’m sorry but, “Gazing into a mirror“?
This article goes on to explain about the match up of 6’3 and 6’7 guards on Memphis versus Kansas’ guards of 6’1, 5’11, etc. There is no mirror. I see the comparison between CDR and Rush, but the rest of the team?
Kansas has more depth and taller players. They are both up tempo teams, I agree.
However, Memphis has two guys that can score steadily, while Kansas has five different people who can lead scoring on any given night.

Enough of those, it’s game time.
I am still picking Kansas, as they are my team. It will be a great game though.
Rose will be a very tough match up for KU, but I believe Robinson can get to him, and if not him someone will, because KU has very good help defense.
On the other side, KU’s big men have the ability to control the post game, as seen in the UNC game. Also, with only three big guys for Memphis, foul trouble might become a problem.
I don’t think it will be though, but it will come down to defense for both teams. Each team has been shooting around 50% in their wins, and keeping the other team a good 10% under them. If Kansas cannot make their shots, they cannot let Memphis make theirs. I know that’s an obvious statement, but both of the teams can score, and when a scoring team doesn’t, it won’t bode well (as seen in UNC’s loss to Kansas).
Whichever team shoots below 40% will lose. Kansas has too many options to go down like that. If CDR/Rose are off, say good night. I am not counting on that to happen though, it will happen with Kansas Defense!

Remember, Cole Aldrich and Sasha Kaun? They are off-the-bench-blocking-fiends.
Kansas controls the paint, controls the half-court, gets back on defense and wins.
BUT, Kansas cannot make stupid mistakes (Sherron Collins 7 turnovers vs. UNC) and expect to win. They need to play smarter than last game.
Kansas 84 – Memphis 79

Regarding Michael Vick – “The quarterback has written that he is making 12 cents an hour washing pots and pans and playing a lot of football.”

That’s great Mikey.

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Final Four

Four No.1’s, and the experts said it couldn’t be done.
“Which No.1 team will be the first to loss?”
That was the question of many Web sites. Memphis seemed to be the favorite, followed by Kansas.
People just assumed that a No.1 team had to lose early on because that’s how it has been forever.
Everyone may be disappointed that there has been no “madness” because of no upsets going into the Final Four. There is no need to be disappointed my friends.
These games may turn out to be the best final 3 games of the tourney yet. Four equally matches squads, and they all deserve to go all the way. There is not one team that can be labeled the outright “Favorite” status. No matter which team goes all the way, no one will be surprised, no one can say, “Wow, did not see that coming”.
Great match-ups across the board, offensively and defensively.
For my predictions, I am not going to stray away from my pre-tournament selections.
Kansas and UCLA are still my teams, with KU taking it.
These two teams both seem to be the underdogs right now after Memphis and UNC have taken opponents by storm. Memphis – 2 point favorites, UNC – 3 1/2 point favorites.

Kansas has the ability to defend, which will be key. They had four different guys guarding Curry last game, and that won them the game. UNC has many scorers across the board, but KU has the guys that can de-up these scorers. Hansborough is a beast down low, however, Jackson, Arthur, Kaun and Aldrich are all big men. Even though it will be tough, they have enough guys in case fouls become a factor. Arthur may be a factor, as he is their scorer down low, and if he gets into foul trouble Kaun will have to step it up like he did against Davidson.
Free-throws are also important, and UNC has the advantage there.
Overall an even match-up, but KU can take this game with their defense. UNC has good depth, but not good enough for the likes of Collins and Kaun.

Memphis has been bruising lately, and everyone gives them the edge with their overall play. However, it’s not like UCLA has same ability. UCLA is a top defensive team as well, and the front court will be an important part of the game. Dozier and Dorsey against Love and Mbah. Love can rebound and score, and Memphis will have to stop him if they plan on winning.
Neither team is leading in the depth category, but again FTs may be a factor. They did not matter for Memphis in previous games because they were ahead by so much. But if this becomes a close game, it might come down to FTs in which Memphis is not top-class in.

Great games, both are must-watch.

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The most surprising upset in my opinion was probably Villanova. Clemson was a stellar team that hung with UNC, and Nova did not show much during the conference tournament. San Diego might be up there too, but they played well in their conference, and that carried over.

Now I like Siena > Villanova.
Western Kentucky > San Diego.
Kansas State > Wisconsin. If Anderson plays like he did in the first round, I think that will be enough with Beastley and Walker being very hard to stop.
Butler, Tennesse will be a good game. With how the Volunteers started of the tourney, I like Butler taking it.
MSU/Pitt will also be an interesting game, but I don’t think MSU can pull it off with the way Pittsburgh is playing.
I like ND > Washington St., unless Wasu plays like they did in the 2nd half of their first round game…

Watch out Duke.

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The tourney begins tomorrow, and another usual year. All of the experts are picking #1’s. About 80% of all “experts” on websites like SportsIllustrated and ESPN are picking UNC, Kansas, and UCLA to be in the Final Four. This seems unlikely, considering it hasn’t happened in at about 20 years. However, I might have to agree with them this time. After a good portion of the favorites winning last year, could it be another repeat year.
It seems that there are the dominant teams, then it drops off.
I have UCLA in the championship, mainly because of their weak schedule. The 2, 4, and 5 seeds aren’t anything like ones in the other divisions. Memphis has a brutal division with MSU, Pitt, Standford, and Texas. That’s a good enough reason to not pick Memphis to be in the Final Four, which many people have done.
Enough of that, I’ll get to my picks. I won’t give them all, mainly upsets and important ones.

First round: Arkansas, St. Joe’s, Kent St., Siena, Western Kent., Texas A&M, Saint Mary’s
None of these really stand out, but teams that can ruin your bracket: Oral Roberts, Cornell, Georgia, Kansas State, and yea I’ll say it George Mason.

Second round: MSU/Pitt will be a great game. USC/Wisconsin will also be something to watch. Duke always has the chance of losing if they can’t shoot the 3 ball.

I don’t think can UNC will win it all. Georgetown won’t make it to the Elite, and Duke is a longshot. Memphis won’t make it to the Final Four with their free throw shooting. Texas has everything, but not enough to beat UCLA. Tennesse and Kansas both have decent schedules, but nothing they can’t handle if they are playing well.

Final4: Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, UCLA
Final: Kansas>UCLA

Kansas has everything they need to win it all, as does UCLA. Last year Afflaflo torched Kansas. This year they have Love. Kansas has matured without losing anyone of importance. So what will it be?
Kansas will get revenge for that loss, and UCLA won’t have the shooting game of their life as they did last year (Remember Collison and Afflalo both were on fire, and hit most of their tough shots).
KU has Rush and Chalmers at the helm, and either have the ability to go for 20+. Arthur can also be their top scorer, Collins is a great, speedy guard, Kaun and Jackson can DE up the big guy, and can score down low. Robinson is an all-around player, and can score even though it wasn’t seen in the Big 12 Tourney.
I realize UCLA has Love, Collison, Shipp, Westbrook, and Mbah a Moute. All of those players can do what Kansas can do, and more with the abilities of Love.

I just feel the depth that Kansas has will overpower anything UCLA has. It helps in changing the tempo of the game with more players that can change the game, and it helps if players get into foul trouble.

Head-to-head Kansas can beat UCLA, they just have to worry about getting there.

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