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Yup, I couldn’t resist, I have to say my Brett Favre bit, it’s what he wants.

Yes, Fran, Yes.

A girl that I work with said that Favre was smart and awesome because of what he did. And she continued to say two of the greatest games ever will be played this year between the Vikings and Packers. Okay… She’s not a very big football fan, which is evident.

I won’t be surprised of Sage Rosenfels gets a hit man for Favre. Maybe more surprised if Tavaris Jackson does though. Sage, the 31 year old, career backup, is yet, a 2nd stringer again. I feel bad for him, I really do. This may be one of his last chances, and yup, good ole Favre, after his “No way” will he play he again. Really, Brett?

It’s just terrible. I’m not sure how his wife deals with it, or even his family. I would be embarrassed.

Okay, I just read this,
“First of all, when people start talking about my legacy, it’s mine,” Favre said. “It’s what I think of it. I know the way I play the game. I know the way I handled myself as a teammate, as a leader, within the public. Yeah, I’ve made mistakes along the way, we all have. But if I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way. I don’t think anyone has played the game with as much passion and has loved it, and loved his teammates as much as me. I haven’t always been the best player. I would like to think that every player that I have played with would love to have me in the foxhole. I have no idea what is going to happen this year. I didn’t know last year. As I look back, I gave it everything I could give. That’s what I’ll do this year.”

He’d do it again? Are you fucking kidding me? You would retire 5 times, and then unretire, AGAIN? Get the hell OUT of here! A good teammate? You don’t show up for all of the workouts, you show up this week, and all of a sudden you’re starting five days later? What about half of the team hating you last year in New York because you’re a douche bag? Hmm…

Lombardi gets it right. Why exactly will the Vikings be better? I think they’re worse. Did anyone watch him play last year? And now, he’s supposed to be better with another year on his belt, no…

I’ll lay my predictions out very soon, and the Vikings will not be making the playoffs.

And what’s the deal with Tony Dungy? Anything the man says is gold these days. I am a big Dungy fan, and a big Colts fan. But, really? Anything Tony Dungy says is purely unbiased and correct. That is how things have been going, anything the man says is almost like God was talking. Tony, get away from the media, live with your family.
What does Tony have to say about Favre? He definitely has doubts…

See you soon folks, for another great year.


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