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Many people did not think that The Matches could create something better than what the did with Decomposer. Let me tell you my friends, there will be no reason to be disappointed. After many, many listens in the past week I have think I can finally give my thoughts on it.
‘E. Von Dahl…’ was pretty pop punk based. ‘Decomposer’ was full of catchiness and uniqueness. ‘A Band In Hope’ is full of randomness and rock power. This is a pure rock album. If people thought Decomposer was random and interesting, listen to to this.
You may notice influences from their past CDs, but this is nothing like you’ve heard before.

Starting off with AM Tilts, it is no Salty Eyes, but very close and an excellent way to start the album. Their City comes out with a powerful chorus. Wake The Sun is slower but very uplifting. Darkness Rising is a very unique track. Starting with the slow piano and ending with the chorus, Queen-esque. To Build A Mountain is another great song, with the use of a background ‘ah’. So far the album starts off very slow compared to Decomposer, but We Are One puts power into words in the ever repeating chorus. Followed by Point Me Toward the Morning has a great chorus, and everything about it is perfect. Just when you think the CD is picking up, it goes to From 24C to Clouds Crash. Both are slow but also very much different musically. Using more electronics in 24C compare to the acoustic in Clouds.
And then all of a sudden Between Halloweens hits your face. Including one of the best bridges I’ve ever heard, “She don’t deserve love, she’ll get what she’s deserving of”. Not just the lyrics, but the Queen influenced power chorus singing makes you want to stand up and scream with a fist in the air. If I Were You, a faster paced fun song. Future Tense reminds me of Decomposer. And Yankee In A Chip Shop strangely reminds me of “The Academy Is…”, with the catchy chorus. And finally the ending song of Proctor Rd.

If you’re looking for another catchy album like past efforts, you could be disappointed. But, that is something you should not be looking for because they do everything else perfectly. The slow, medium, and fast paced songs all fit together. This is a rock album of the ages, an album you can’t get sick of. So many different things I noticed with each listen. Of course, this isn’t an album in which you listen to once and decide if it’s good or not. It took me about 3 or 4 complete cd listenings to fully appreciate the geniousness of the work. If you like rock, you will like this album. But don’t expect the poppiness that people are familiar with. It is it’s own CD, and the Matches are becoming something greater with every album they put out.
Get excited for this release. One word can describe it: Power.

All of the songs could be my favorites, but I will point out my extra favorites.
Wake The Sun, Point Me Toward the Morning, Between Halloween, To Build a Mountain

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Congratulations on the win. It was well deserved. They dominated the Patriots offense. And scored when needed.

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The day has finally come. It has been an interesting past couple of weeks.
Brady and the boot, Plax and the prediction. Now it comes down to the only thing that matters. The game.

First let’s analyze the last game between these two teams. Manning and Brady both played well, but the Giants were not close at all to stopping Brady. The Giants did stop Maroney though, and that will be key in the SB. Jacobs tore through with over 4-yds. per carry. This was without the use of Bradshaw as well. Eli only had one interception with 4 touchdowns. The Patriots also dominated the time of possession.
At a point in this game, the G-Men were up 28-16. Then of course they gave up three touchdowns without scoring. If this situation repeats itself, the Giants will be better prepared.

If the Giants can once again bottle up Maroney for under 50 yards, this will be a great game. The Giants pass defense also should look better than they did 3 weeks ago, after much more preparation. However, if that doesn’t happen, Brady will go off and get another MVP. But, let’s not forget about the Patriots defense. They need to play and make a difference in this game to win. The Giants have a running game, they have a passing game, it will be no easy feat. If the Giants get the run going with either of their backs, they will be able to control the clock longer. If Eli doesn’t have many mistakes, it will be easier for the defense. If Plaxico played like he did last game, it will be tough. However, we are talking about the 18-0 Patriots who have overcome many different things throughout the season and playoffs.
I think the Giants are rolling right now with tons of confidence. The Patriots are as well, however, and it doesn’t seem as big to them. Even though they are going for the best record in NFL history, it feels like they already did it. Even though that doesn’t make sense.

I haven’t even mentioned the pass rush either. Osi and Strahan are a threat, but can they penetrate more than last game? That will be key. Can either team penetrate more than last game? Last game was complete offense, there will definitely be more defense in this game, for sure.

If the Giants control both sides of the running game. Let there be light for the G Men. Control the clock, control the turnovers, control the run, control the Patriots.

Giants 28 – Patriots 27

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