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NFL Locks Week 8


GB +6
MIN +6

Upsets: Redskins, Bills


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NFL Locks Week 7

Down to 11-6-1 on the season, but still rolling

ATL -3.5
BAL -13
GB/MIN O44.5

Upsets: Patriots, Dolphins

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NFL Locks Week 6

11-4 on season

HOU/KC Under 45
OAK +7
IND -3

Upsets: Broncos, Rams

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NFL Locks Week 5

CHI/CAR Under 33
BAL/DEN Over 39
SF -3

9-3 on season
Upsets: Buffalo, Raiders

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After the first four weeks, this could be one of the most confusing starts to an NFL season ever. Can we even predict who will make the playoffs in the AFC right now? What about to win the NFC East or West? It’s a complete mess, but here are my 12 predictions for the playoffs. I won’t give the classic so-called power rankings that everyone compiles. It will be six from the NFC and six from the AFC.

Obviously, many things can change. Here are the seeds.

1. Saints
2. Packers
3. Cowboys
4. 49ers
5. Falcons
6. Vikings

Saints have a ridiculously easy schedule. Falcons could have 2nd best record in NFC. Cowboys are the best team in their division, don’t care what records are right now. Same with the 49ers. Vikings and Bears will be a tight one, but I think Vikes pull it out late in season with easier schedule.

1. Chargers
2. Ravens
3. Patriots
4. Colts
5. Steelers
6. Texans

Chargers have easiest schedule, as do the  Ravens. Patriots should be able to sweep rest of division games, same with the Colts. Both have their away games gone against harder teams (except for Colts @ Titans). Colts November schedule is brutal, but I’ll still take them. If the Texans stay healthy, I think they can take out the Jets in Week 11, but that is a stretch. Very difficult as I left off the Bengals, Jets and the 3-0 Chiefs.

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NFL Locks Week 4

CIN – 3

SD -9.5
IND/JAX Over 46

7-2 on the season.
Upsets: Baltimore and St. Louis


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