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The schedule was released yesterday in the NFL. There were some lucky teams, and some unlucky teams.
Here are some statistics that standout to me.
Combined opponents record from last year:
Steelers: 153-103
Colts: 152-104
Patriots: 99-157

No one will be surprised to see the Patriots go 16-0 again with that schedule. They can’t do anything about it thought, sadly. They play in the worst division in the league, and they play the worst NFC division as well. The two added games are @Indianapolis and home against Pittsburgh. Not bad, but the Colts are coming off a Monday night game at Tennessee. It doesn’t get better than that for the Patriots, now all they have to do is win the Superbowl.
As for the Colts and Steelers.
The Steelers two extra games besides the inter-divisional contests include the Chargers and the Patriots.
And you guessed it, the Colts are up against the Chargers and Patriots as well.
I’m not sure how fair that is, but I guess the Patriots can’t play themselves.

The problem all lies in the divisions. The AFC South (Colts) had a total of 42 wins last year. The AFC East (Patriots) had a total of 28 wins. That explains a lot in the strength of schedule area.

Now I’ve been reading stories about the most intriguing games, and I’m not sure what league some of these people are watching.
The NYTimes highlights the Patriots vs. Jets game as a high point of the season. I know about the video scandals and how the coaches hate each other. The Jets had four wins last year, that is a whole 12 less than the Patriots. Not on anyone’s priority to watch except New Yorkers and New Englanders.
I think they also forgot to add Sept. 21 to that list, as we see match ups between the Colts and Jaguars, and the Cowboys and Giants. Divisional rivalries WITH playoff teams.
I know this guy created a spreadsheet and all, but those games don’t stand that far from the rest. Especially with the Seahawks in the three of them. Please, they were a decent team at best in a weak division. The only team they beat last year with a winning record was the Bucs, and that was the first game of the season.
So obviously, all their games stand out (not).

That list is forgetting key games of teams like the Colts and Cowboys who did not win a playoff game last year.
Cowboys vs Packers, Patriots vs Colts, Browns vs Steelers, Patriots vs Chargers, Giants vs Cowboys

These five games are huge. They include divisional battles and conference battles of teams that will find each other again come January.

This sums up everything by far.


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The day has finally come. It has been an interesting past couple of weeks.
Brady and the boot, Plax and the prediction. Now it comes down to the only thing that matters. The game.

First let’s analyze the last game between these two teams. Manning and Brady both played well, but the Giants were not close at all to stopping Brady. The Giants did stop Maroney though, and that will be key in the SB. Jacobs tore through with over 4-yds. per carry. This was without the use of Bradshaw as well. Eli only had one interception with 4 touchdowns. The Patriots also dominated the time of possession.
At a point in this game, the G-Men were up 28-16. Then of course they gave up three touchdowns without scoring. If this situation repeats itself, the Giants will be better prepared.

If the Giants can once again bottle up Maroney for under 50 yards, this will be a great game. The Giants pass defense also should look better than they did 3 weeks ago, after much more preparation. However, if that doesn’t happen, Brady will go off and get another MVP. But, let’s not forget about the Patriots defense. They need to play and make a difference in this game to win. The Giants have a running game, they have a passing game, it will be no easy feat. If the Giants get the run going with either of their backs, they will be able to control the clock longer. If Eli doesn’t have many mistakes, it will be easier for the defense. If Plaxico played like he did last game, it will be tough. However, we are talking about the 18-0 Patriots who have overcome many different things throughout the season and playoffs.
I think the Giants are rolling right now with tons of confidence. The Patriots are as well, however, and it doesn’t seem as big to them. Even though they are going for the best record in NFL history, it feels like they already did it. Even though that doesn’t make sense.

I haven’t even mentioned the pass rush either. Osi and Strahan are a threat, but can they penetrate more than last game? That will be key. Can either team penetrate more than last game? Last game was complete offense, there will definitely be more defense in this game, for sure.

If the Giants control both sides of the running game. Let there be light for the G Men. Control the clock, control the turnovers, control the run, control the Patriots.

Giants 28 – Patriots 27

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Supa Supa

Great games on Sunday, sorry if you missed the nerve-wracking Giants/Packers game.

Both of the games went almost as expected.
The Chargers could have utilized Sproles a little more, because when he got the ball, plays were made. If only the Chargers could have put TDs on the board instead, it would have been very interesting. Surprisingly the Bolts led the turnover battle. The Patriots know how to get it done though. Brady with 3 interceptions! I hate to say it, but they deserve to be there. The Colts could not overcome their mistakes like the Pats did, and they are the deserving team out of the AFC.
As for the NFC, people may disagree with the Giants being the best team, but look at what they have done! Beating the 1 and 2 seeds in consecutive weeks, away from home. It’s not like they got lucky either. They dominated these games. Even though they were close, the Packers had some long plays, and without those it would have been a demolishing. Favre could never get it going, Grant could not run anywhere. And Eli was exploiting Woodson and Harris easily. Plaxico looked like Reggie Wayne out there, literally, they look like the same player with the way they run their routes and their build.
The Giants surprised everyone in the playoffs (well…except me), but they definitely deserve to be where they are right now.
It will be a very exciting Superbowl. But the line at 12, 14 points, however many. That is ridiculous. I am not sure if the Patriots have covered any of their lines yet in the playoffs, and on the other hand, the Giants have won each time they were the underdog. That is almost free money for the betters.
I can’t wait to analyze the game.
Will I continue picking the G Men like I have throughout the playoffs, or will I go with everyone else in the world except for New York…?

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Everyone is talking about the game tonight, in the NFL world that is. How could you not? The Patriots have all these records to break, can they pull threw? I’m gonna be biased and say the Patriots lose just because I don’t like the Patriots.
But how fitting would it be for Eli Manning’s team to ruin the Patriots perfect season. I mean, Peyton’s brother and all, it is perfect. Maybe Eli can end the season like he started it, with a little more than decent game.
I mean, the Giants are going to “Play to win”. But really, I don’t think Coughlin is that good of a coach to overpower Belichick. Unless the Giants have one of their best games of their year, they cannot win. They may be able to run over the Patriots, that will be key. Also, Eli cannot make mistakes. Other than that, of course, their defense has to show something against Brady. The Giants pass defense is not that good, and unless they change some of their tactics, will not stop the Patriots passing game.
They definitely need more penetration on the line, Osi and Michael are the key to that.
It will either be a blowout or a close game. Patriots are 14 point favorites. Will the Patriots come out all pissed and ready to break these records? I think so, I hate to pick a blow out here, but it may be just that.
Let’s say, because it’s a home game, the Giants will put up a fight. 28-27.

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Dang, I was so close with that Eagles upset pick. Disappointing.
But I mean, 24 point favorites? That has to be up with the biggest spread ever for an NFL game.
You could just smell it, that something was going to happen that you didn’t expect. Yes, Feeley ‘Flakes’ tore up the Patriots DE.

Well there is something for the rest of their opponents. Good job Eagles. Goodbye McNabb.

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