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Super? Ehhh…

I love this article. Seriously, never write something like this. Dumbest thing possible.
Can’t get over it. Especially after what the Cardinals did to the Falcons and Panthers. He says “the Eagles are not those teams”. Of course they aren’t, but I am pretty sure the Panthers are better than the Eagles, I don’t know…anyone else?

I should write for ESPN if they have that coming out.

Anyways…Superbowl. Is it Super? Is this what the NFL comes down to? Kinda disappointed…

I’ll be happy if the Cardinals win.


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No lies, I have not been that psyched for the final four. The teams are not that appealing to me.

Eagles – McNabb and others do not know of ties in games (1o year vet in his case)
Cardinals – Getting demolished by an 11-5 non-playoff team
Ravens – Got the lucky draw of Dolphins/Titans, but a deserving team
Steelers – They should be here, but would’ve lost to Colts (hah, pretty weak)

With that said, props to the Cardinals. I think they will continue their streaking. They have been playing great and exactly how you’re supposed to play in the playoffs. Once they got in the postseason, they fall off, but now are back.
I would rather have the Ravens win, but I think Big Ben will overpower Flacco. Hold that, the Ravens will revenge.

I like the Cardinals defense playing great and being able to score on the Eagles better than the previous game. I think they only had 7 rushes or so that game.
Cardinals 27 – Eagles 23

This will be a pound it out game, with turnovers being a key. The defenses will rule except for a couple break out plays, each team can have them. In the first game the Steelers got some lucky breaks to take away a 3-13 depicit, this time the Ravens won’t lose it so easily.
Ravens 16 – Steelers 13

And if it’s Eagles – Steelers, which is probably the best match up at this stage, so be it. Won’t be my choice.

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Round 2 Day 2

Woah. The Cardinals. I surely did not see that coming.
A Super Bowl favorite, got wiped out by the Cardinals, who everyone thought should not be in the playoffs.
I did not see it possible, but the Cards made it possible, as did the Panthers. I feel bad for Delhomme, I really do. A great year, went to that. A horrible game, it was not his day.

Who knows what will happen next.
I see it very likely that the Eagles will beat the Giants. With the Eagles picking up pace, and the Giants have fallen as of late. It is very possible. I’m not going against the G Men though. Not yet. They will redeem themselves. Their ground game will be rolling, and their defense will do just enough to win the game. Remember, the Vikings just about stopped the Eagles last week, except for a few mishaps.
The Giants defense will do the same, and Eli will do better than Tarvaris.
Eagles 27 – Giants 30

The 8-8 Chargers. Big Ben is coming off of a concussion. Last game was a defensive battle. Since then, Philip Rivers has been rolling. The key here will be Sproles, will he be able to do what he did last week against the Colts? That will be tough against the Steelers, but he needs to break a few tackles, and get some yardage. If the Chargers can’t get anywhere on the ground, the game is over. I think they will though, Sproles will find some seems, and Ron Rivera will give Big Ben many worries.
Chargers 20 – Steelers 16

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Divisional P-Offs

Upsets today? Possibly

I am a believer of not sitting your starters in the final games of the season, even if you have a spot locked. This is why the Titans will lose. I don’t care if they are rested. Their last game was 0-23 against the Colts backups. The Ravens are raving, and will stop any running game the Titans have, and anything that Kerry Collins can throw. Joe Flacco isn’t my favorite, but I think the Ravens will be able to run more, and Flacco will only have one turnover.
Ravens 17 – Titans 13

After being the least favorite Wild Card team, the Cardinals are coming off a win. Their offense can provide them a win, but will their defense hold the Panthers? No. The Panthers can pass and run well. D. Williams is going crazy, and Stewart gives another look. Steve Smith is almost impossible to defende. The Cardinals offense won’t be able to keep up, because the Panthers will stop the Cards running game which they thought was fine after last week. Won’t happen, no running game, Gamble will come away with an interception. I just don’t think the Cards defense is ready for this.
Cardinals 17 – Panthers 31

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Post WildCard

Let’s review the wildcards in a different perspective.
If the Colts lost to the Ravens in the regular season, they could have drawn the Dolphins.
If the Falcons lost a couple more games, they could have drawn the Vikings (which they recently beat).

I know it is how the cookie crumbles, but that does not seem fair does it? Yes, it goes by records. But, if we took away division winners getting an advantage over teams with a better record. This is what we have:
Chargers (8-8 ) @ Colts (12-4)                    Cardinals (8-8 ) @ Falcons (11-5)
Dolphins (11-5) @ Ravens (11-5)              Eagles (9-7-1) @ Vikings (10-6)

The opponents don’t change, but I would give the Colts and Falcons a win because they are playing at home.
The Colts and Falcons both got screwed this year because of division winners.

Anyways, something does not seem right when a team with the 2nd best record in the league is playing away in the wildcard round at an 8-8 team. Also, a team with the 3rd best record in the league, while playing in the leagues hardest division, is playing away at an 8-8 team.

Unfair? If you don’t think so, I would like to see your opinion, but I won’t agree.

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Wild Carding

Okay, time to move in.

After the home wins yesterday, I am going with the Vikings, but am sticking with the Ravens.

The Ravens are just a better team.
Ravens 24 – Dolphins 19

The Vikings are better at home, the Eagles are worse away. Makes sense?
Peterson should be able to find some holes. TJ can run for first downs, but will he be able to pass?
The Vikes can stop Westbrook at the line, but will need to contain him outside of the box, can they do it?
Vikings 23 – Eagles 20

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Colts 2008 Reflection

Bullshit, that is the way their season ended.
Yes, this is coming from a Colts fan. Yes, it is the truth.
Maybe when I was watching the Broncos/Chargers game in the bar I knew. Maybe at the start of overtime I knew. Maybe at the beginning of the season I knew. It’s still Bullshit.
-When the Chargers beat the Broncos, I was scared, I knew they would be the hardest team to beat out of all of the AFC.
-After the Chargers won the toss, you just knew. After those 3 first downs on 3 penalties happened. At LEAST one of them was wrong and unlucky, It wasn’t their game.
-At the beginning of the season I picked the Chargers to win the SuperBowl, over the Colts in AFC Championship…

I am saying it is bull shit because the Chargers should not have been in the playoffs. They were too lucky. Too lucky. They were 4-8, and needing help. Yes, they had an easy schedule. Yes, they got lucky against the Chiefs. Yes, the Bucs and Broncos both played like shit against them. Yes, the Broncos fell apart, losing to the Bills.
There were five teams with better records than the Chargers in the league that DID NOT make the playoffs.
There was one team with a better record than the Colts in the league.

The Chargers had a home game against the Colts.

Is that a good system?
You can’t tell me it’s a good system and give me a logical reasoning.
Straight up, It’s Bullshit

I give credit to the Chargers who turned their season around, and played a great game against the Colts. It was an even game. The difference was the punter (Scifres = 51 avg/punt, Smith = 31 avg/punt).
It’s not like Hunter Smith is a bad punter, he was just not as lucky as Scifres.
Can they win the SuperBowl on luck? It’s possible.
However, the Colts had a better chance than them to go all the way. Everyone knows it. Colts beat Steelers and Ravens already, and they can beat the Titans real team. The Chargers? I just don’t know…

Now the future.
Is this it? Will Dungy be gone? Will the core be mixed up?
Peyton Manning is getting older as are their other stars.
This had to be another SuperBowl year for them. It was their time, they deserved it. If Peyton Manning ends his career with one SuperBowl, it will not be good enough for him. The Colts are a great team, and deserve more than this. All we can hope for is that everyone stays on board for another year…Please.

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