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My Northwest division preview is up. Check it out for all you fantasy bballers.



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What? NBA?

Yes, in the middle of the NFL season.
We had our RotoExperts.com fantasy bball draft last night. And I’ll say my team SUCKS!

So my browser was being stupid, and I missed my first two picks before I got into the draft after a restart. And guess who I have? Yup, Stoudemire and Garnett. NICE. I had pick nine, I believe, out of 12 teams. Then later on, like 8th round or so, I accidently double-click Sheed. Yup, No Need For Sheed Wallace…great.

Anyways, here’s the team:

Bibby/Turkoglu/JR Smith/Josh Smith/Amar’e/KG/Aldridge/Sheed/Thaddeus/Dalembert/Stuckey/Thorton/Ridnour/Azubuike

Yeah, not the best. I usually try and go for high point/rebound guys then just all around awesome guys like Josh Smith and Turkoglu. I missed out on Josh Howard when I accidently got Sheed. Oh well…

Oh yeah, NFL season. Big games, Biiiiiiig games. Get ready for the L-O-C-K-S because it’s uphill from here on out.

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Pistons Draft

Austin Daye / DaJuan Summers / Jonas Jerebko / Chase Budinger
I have questions about all these guys, but of course. I like it.
Looking for a Sheed / Prince replacement at this point. All of them can shoot the ball, and are pretty athletic. Some are smaller, some are bigger. Interesting to see who will succeed in summer ball and who won’t. They took players from big colleges and just one foreign athletic player. Looks good so far.
How about Jay Bilas last night? “Well he is a young player, so there is room to improve.” He said that about every guy. Really? Young? That’s weird, I thought the NBA draft was full of old people. Okay.

B+? Not bad…

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The heading on ESPN, has it all.

“The Sports Guy hopes someday yet, the NBA will begin its liveliness again. For now, inconsistent officiating and stagnant offenses are killing what could be the best playoffs in years”

Bill Simmons, at it again.

Don’t even have to read it to know what it’s all about. Terrible officiating. If you’ve seen any of the Conference Final games, you know.

So, the Magic up 3-1, can they pull it out? Yes, they should be able to. It has looked like Lebron keeps slowing up late in the game, that is why the Magic have taken the last two. The Lakers have been doing the opposite, being outplayed for most of the game, then turning it on late in the game, typical Kobe.

The Lakers are the better team, but the Nuggets have been outplaying them pretty consistently. I can see this series easily going to 7, but with the Lakers pulling it out.
As for the Magic, I would love to see them go 4-1, but I don’t think Cleveland will allow that at home. 4-2 Magic.

The Conference Finals have been awesome to watch so far (excluding terrible refeering), hopefully it gets better.

NFL is about to start up again with predictions. I’ll bring my Rankings and throw in some fantasy thoughts, as well in the upcoming months.

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Chauncey Chaunce…

I just read this article.


The Pistons ruined themselves, I mean I don’t know how much of that article is true, but…

I take it as everyone was pissed about Chauncey leaving, Rip took it the hardest and didn’t want to play in Detroit. Interesting. It wasn’t Iverson’s fault. Everyone just loved Chauncey so much they couldn’t play without him. So it had nothing to do with their skills, just their love.

Who’s gone next year? Rasheed, Iverson, now I have to say Hamilton, maybe even Prince.

They need something else…

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Okay, Pistons…

All right, before I talk about the Pistons. The 76ers are ahead 2-1 against the Magic. Doesn’t everyone just want to play the Magic in the playoffs? Really? If they cannot pull out this series, Dwight Howard won’t be too happy anymore, even after his dominace (36-11 performance tonight), his team needs to step it up around him.

Anyway, I’m going to complain, but, no excuses…

The refs are terrible. They made terrible calls against the Pistons then decided to make up for it with poor calls against the Cavs that didn’t have an effect on the game. It was an overall bad referee performance. Toward the end of the game, mainly just bad toward the Pistons. The same drives and the same fouls but were only called against the Pistons. Way too many And-1’s, that shouldn’t have been.
Enough of the refs…

Pistons starters? Nope. Tayshaun Prince – Olympic team? That’s weird.
Tayshaun and Sheed disappointed me greatly. Stuckey can’t shoot, and turned it over too often. Rip has seen better days. McDyess lost his touch that he had earlier in the season, the boards aren’t coming as easily.
Brown, Bynum, Afflalo – all played good minutes. Bynum gave a spark, Brown was a force (except when he got pissed, but it was for good reason), and Afflalo taking Lebron 1v1 to the hole – ENOUGH SAID.

Tayshaun was the problem. Rasheed was the problem. These guys did not deserve their 4th quarter minutes. Curry?
Get Maxiell out there as well. Prince and Wallace did not need to be out there 30 minutes a piece with the way they were playing and have been playing. That’s why you lose. 53-53, and they fall apart.

I don’t know, it’s done with. They will keep Curry which is disappointing. I wonder what the team will look like next year.

Oh yeah…

Lebron- Get over yourself

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Pistons lose another one

Yes, in the 4th quarter to the Knicks. Another late game loss. They were up by 10 at the start of the quarter.

First off, there were 2 calls by the refs which determined the game. At the end of the game, Hamilton did not foul Hughes on the 3-pointer and Stuckey did not foul Hughes when he jumped sideways in the lane in OT.

Second, Walter Hermann does not deserve 15 straight minutes in the first half of the game. His defense is awkward and confused, while on offense he can only sit at the 3-point line and shoot. If he gets the ball in a different situation he gets kreboppled and does not know what to do.

Third, the Pistons have to realize that even though you’re up by 10 points in the 4th quarter, no matter what team it is, they can come back if you don’t play good basketball. The Pistons stopped playing offense and defense at almost the same time.

Fourth, people in Detroit do not think that Iverson needs to be on the team, well, when Rip was double teamed and couldn’t do anything in the 4th quarter, who could we go to? Dice was getting tired, Tayshaun wasn’t making anything, Stuckey…?, Iverson needs to be there to complete the team when things go bad.

After the Magic win, I thought this team was looking good and could make some noise in the playoffs. And about the first three quarters of tonight’s game, I felt the same way. What happened? It was ridiculous.

Do NOT start Jason Maxiell, he can not play well unless he comes off the bench. Kwame Brown was one of the only decent players off the bench in the first half, and he doesn’t play in the second half.
Curry check this one out: Maxiell: 26 minutes 3 pts 2 rebs 1 TO, Brown: 9 minutes 2 pts 3 rebs 1 ast.

So…I don’t know…Kwame did the same thing that J-Max did in 17 less minutes.

Anyways, McDyess is a BEAST. Playing like he is young again. 21 and 22, the man is crazy.

These refs need to retake the referee course again, Curry needs to coach better, something has to change in the 4th quarter against weak teams for the Pistons.

I’m back, baby – Get ready for NCAA Tourney

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