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Interestingly there were many upsets last week. Not including the Thanksgiving games and Night games, there was only one game won at Home. ONE!
This week- Exactly the opposite.
There’s a few quality games. I am busting out with huge upsets.

49ers and Lions – I don’t even have to mention their opponents.
Giants – gots to
Saints – Even though the Falcons are quality, I think they lose this, but win the rest
Bills – Everyone is picking the Dolphins, so here is a mini upset, even though the Buffs are losing it
Steelers – Okay, Barbarian is out, Steelers are at home, I think the Cowboys are a better team, but they lose this
Redskins – I don’t like the Ravens, and the Skins have been bad lately, but Cam


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I like a lot of the match ups this week. Golic stays content with picking the Lions every week.
What interests me is how the computer system ‘Accuscore’ is beating everyone.

I like the Falcons and Chiefs at home (Ryan and Thigpen are here to stay)
Patriots and Eagles (Why are these teams underdogs? Yes, away, but still…)
Jaguars and Titans (AFC South takes the crown)

A very tough SNFG to pick. I can’t stray from the Colts though can I? Honestly, I like the Chargers, they are playing for their season, this loss leaves them at 7. Playing against a team they beat twice last year…It will be really tough for the Colts, coming down to the last possession.
The Packers are a playoff team and they won’t lose on MNF. I like both of these teams, but the better defense will come out on top.

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Picking Six

Very interesting picks from the ESPN office this week.
The Experts like the Bears, Texans, Cowboys, and the Chargers.
The Sunday Countdown crew? They like the Falcons, Dolphins, Cardinals, and Patriots.
A lot of indecisiveness here, I’ll sort them out.

Bears, Texans, Cardinals, Chargers

So, I was going to pick the Bengals, but Palmer is out so I have to go with the Jets
Panthers are playing as a unit, the Bucs have Garcia back which may be a downgrade
I thought the Denver/Jacksonville game would be a lot more difficult to predict, but everyone seems to like the Broncos all the way. Sorry, so am I.
There were four games that I left blank after a first glance:
One of these games was not the Ravens @ Colts.

A big surprise that everyone is picking the Ravens. I thought about it, then chose wisely with the Colts. All bias aside. It will be Addai’s best rushing game to date, and they will pressure Manning, but he will get out of it. The Colts rush defense will pick it up and not allow a 100-yd rusher. They forced Rosenfels to make mistakes, they will force Flacco to do the same.
Colts win.

I was 11-3 against the spread last week. That’s money in the pocket right there.

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J K Fivin

So, there’s been some mediocre weeks recently. My upsets have not been upsetting, and the Vikings have played the wrong way for two straight weeks. The Cardinals defense forgot to show up last week and I underestimated the Titans…just a little bit. I am surprised that the Bucs offense has been this good, and also the Bears beating the Eagles was a big win for them.

I congratulate the Experts for not picking all the same teams this week. Very nice variety.
I’m not sure what records mean, but all of the Yahoo experts are worse than ESPN’s. Interesting.
I’m at 39-21 with 7-6 last week.

Intriguing matchups.

Miami has a chance if they can do work early on, but they won’t -> Chargers
The Redskins have a great chance, but the Eagles won’t lose two straight.
In a game of defense, the Ravens and Flacco (turnover-less) take it.
The Broncos defense is not good, but they will win at home.
Could it be the Bills first loss?…Yes, the Cardinals defense shows up at home, and Warner doesn’t have 20 turnovers.
Patriots losing after a bye week? —No
With the Steelers injuries, it’s hard to go against the Jaguars, I want to like I did in the playoffs last year, but I won’t.
The Saints win at home, just because the Deuce is loose and Brees does not need a stud WR.

Lions, heh, this may be the last week I pick them to win. At home, against the Bears who are running a high- I like Lovie, BUT, the Lions are pumped after getting rid of Millen.
As for the Colts, it is a must win, well-no, they don’t have must wins yet, BUT look at their next six games (@HOU, BAL, @GB, @TEN, NE, @PIT) Not very pleasant at all. They need this game, if they don’t get it, I may start to get a little scared.
31-20 Colts, I’m sorry Steve Slaton, this is not your game, I hope.

Two 4-0 teams in the AFC going down? That’s my goal, and it may happen with two away games.

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Pick Four

This week includes a lot of lopsided games, more than usual. Maybe there will be another Fins>Pats type game or Bengals pushing the Giants to their limit game.
What is interesting is that the Browns @ Bengals is the hardest game to predict this week. Two 0-3 teams, no one knows which team will show up. The Bengals showed life last week, and the Browns have not faced a weak defense.
For upsets, I am going with the Vikings and Cardinals.
The Titans game is based off the run, and that’s what Minnesota stops the best.
I don’t really like the Jets, and I think Warner can carve them up just as Rivers did last week.
I see that many people are picking the Bucs, but I am taking Rodgers and the Packers for this one. The Bucs still have a little ways to go, well, more than the Packers to reach potential.
The Eagles will take the night game over the Bears. The Eagles offense has enough to overpower the Bears, and the Bears offense won’t have enough for the Eagles defense. It is in Chicago though…
And I do like the Steelers very much winning at home, against the Ravens. People think the Ravens are better than they are. Cleveland and Cincy at home? Yeah, real good wins…

As for, yes, the “Game of the Week”, Browns @ Bengals:
The Bengals offense got out of their hump last week, and this week is the Browns chance. I am picking the Browns because of Romeo Crennel, and the Bengals defense is worse than the Browns. Maybe…

Let’s hope it’s a good one

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So last week was full of favorites winning, not counting the Dolphins.
Even with my terrible record of 9-7 last week in Pick ‘Em, I still match up with the tops at ESPN at 32-15. I guess I shouldn’t have been so upset happy last week.

Anyways, I am going to stand out and say the Titans are not as good as everyone thinks. Their defense isn’t as good as the Ravens was or that game changing. Sorry Titans. Okay, Jacksonville was a pretty legit win, but Cincy and Houston? With the way those teams have been playing…
They won’t be a top 10 by the team the year is done.

With a win this week, the Steelers have their division locked up.
The AFC South is still a mess, but of course I like the Colts. The Broncos have a good chance of taking over the West from the Chargers, and the Bills seem to be the front runners out east.
Meanwhile in the NFC, I really like the Cardinals winning the West. The Packers and Cowboys take control, Los Vaqueros will have a tougher time with that, considering the East is very very good.
An interesting division is the NFC South in which no one is keeping an eye on. Three teams at 2-1, and the Saints at 1-2. I think it’s between the Panthers and the Saints. The Saints were my early season favorite, but I really like the Panthers, and I will have to pick the Panthers, solely because the Saints defense isĀ  terrible again.

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Dead End

Hooray Patriots!
It doesn’t mean anything yet…

Last week of the season, few games have meaning.
I see the Browns getting in, as the Titans lose to the Colts.
Also Todd Collins leading the Redskins into the playoffs. 10 years between his starts, very nice.
Other than that it is all about seeding. I’m not sure why the Steelers are resting Big Ben, but if they don’t care to play either the Browns/Jaguars then I understand. However, the Jags are a much bigger threat. They are playing the Ravens though…
Chargers vs Browns / Steelers vs Jaguars
I would like to see the Jags play the Pats, they have a good chance of beating either team they play, more of a chance vs the Chargers though.

Giants vs Bucs
Redskins vs Seahawks

I like the Giants, but I don’t think they have a chance against the Cowboys, I’ll leave that to another team.

Well I don’t want to get ahead of myself in the Playoffs. Good luck.

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