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Tourney Time

Everyone ready?

2nd best time of the year, next to the NFL and Superbowl.

Who will it be?

One of the top teams that already went down? Or a constant contender like Duke, who still hasn’t lost in their tournament? Maybe Louisville who goes down by eight at halftime to the incredible Orangemen (7 ots) and starts the 2nd half on a 27-9 TEAR!?

This seems like a very big upset year with all these teams losing in their own tournaments, but maybe that’s just a conference thing?

I still haven’t decided…


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Pistons lose another one

Yes, in the 4th quarter to the Knicks. Another late game loss. They were up by 10 at the start of the quarter.

First off, there were 2 calls by the refs which determined the game. At the end of the game, Hamilton did not foul Hughes on the 3-pointer and Stuckey did not foul Hughes when he jumped sideways in the lane in OT.

Second, Walter Hermann does not deserve 15 straight minutes in the first half of the game. His defense is awkward and confused, while on offense he can only sit at the 3-point line and shoot. If he gets the ball in a different situation he gets kreboppled and does not know what to do.

Third, the Pistons have to realize that even though you’re up by 10 points in the 4th quarter, no matter what team it is, they can come back if you don’t play good basketball. The Pistons stopped playing offense and defense at almost the same time.

Fourth, people in Detroit do not think that Iverson needs to be on the team, well, when Rip was double teamed and couldn’t do anything in the 4th quarter, who could we go to? Dice was getting tired, Tayshaun wasn’t making anything, Stuckey…?, Iverson needs to be there to complete the team when things go bad.

After the Magic win, I thought this team was looking good and could make some noise in the playoffs. And about the first three quarters of tonight’s game, I felt the same way. What happened? It was ridiculous.

Do NOT start Jason Maxiell, he can not play well unless he comes off the bench. Kwame Brown was one of the only decent players off the bench in the first half, and he doesn’t play in the second half.
Curry check this one out: Maxiell: 26 minutes 3 pts 2 rebs 1 TO, Brown: 9 minutes 2 pts 3 rebs 1 ast.

So…I don’t know…Kwame did the same thing that J-Max did in 17 less minutes.

Anyways, McDyess is a BEAST. Playing like he is young again. 21 and 22, the man is crazy.

These refs need to retake the referee course again, Curry needs to coach better, something has to change in the 4th quarter against weak teams for the Pistons.

I’m back, baby – Get ready for NCAA Tourney

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