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Better, Betta Up

Just a few quick things I’ve noticed over the years:

The beginning of the NFL season (usually first four weeks), is usually very easy to predict if you know anything about the league. Many teams are overrated/underrated and you can often find loopholes in the lines.
Ex. Tom Brady was back on the Patriots were huge favorites at the beginning of the year like they were in 2008. Didn’t happen.
Also, early night games for home teams. If the home team is an underdog, they usually aren’t given enough respect. Primetime for upsets.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Conference Tournaments
These teams are playing each other throughout the season. Big conferences such as ACC, Big East, Big 12, Big 10 either provide upsets or close games. It’s sometimes the third time these teams are playing each other.
At the opposite end in smaller conferences, there tend to be a lot of blow outs in earlier rounds. You have a decent team that’s going to the NCAA tourney and you have a team that struggled in a weak conference. More often than not, blowout.

Especially in the EPL, home games are huge in soccer. Sometimes it doesn’t get recognized enough in the betting world though. Most of the time you can tell the over/under easily as well. Look at how each team scores home/away.
If two defensive teams play each other, the O/U is not going under 2 goals, a lot of times those are 0 or 1 goal games. Same for the opposite and bad defensive/good offensive teams.
And at the beginning of the season, the same thing can be said about soccer as the NFL.

The home/away rule is here as well. Sometimes very strong, others not so strong.
More often than not, the past five games says it all for how the team is playing and is a big factor as well.

Anyways, for the beginners, just thought I’d through these out there.


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