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I guess I should write a little intro to my blog here. What I will write about…and stuff like that.

I’ll write basically anything that comes to my mind, but mainly sports and music. Since the NFL just started you will see a lot of articles revolving around that. Including fantasy football. I am a big fantasy player, have about 10 years in experience. I’ll probably give me weekly picks of the games, and fantasy tips. I may write about futbol as well, I follow Chelsea and Valencia over in Europe.
Also when the time comes, any other sport there is just about.

On the music side, my tastes include anything with rock in the title. I am not a big fan of rap or country, so you won’t find me writing on those genres. I’ll probably throw some CD reviews here and there.

My favorite NFL team are the Colts, I have followed them for over 10 years now. So I’ll comment about them once in a while. Other than that, I follow all Detroit based teams, including the Lions (just not as much as the Colts).

Well that’s all the main stuff.
I go to Michigan State.


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