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LJ just got BANNED, he used the word “fag” on twitter, and then did multiple bashes of Todd Haley. That’s kind of funny, anyways, Jamaal Charles anyone?

I hate to keep saying this, but what the hell!? How many times do I just have to question these experts at ESPN? No one picked the Bills to win? Dude, the Panthers suck, and the Bills are coming off a decent win against the Jets. I don’t know…The Giants just got demolished by Brees, yet Warner and his WRs can’t win against them? I don’t know how much thought they put into that, but obviously not a lot.

2-1 in the locks last week, 4-2 including non-locks. I guess I forgot to mention I picked the Bills too. But the Falcons really disappointed, no doubt about that.

Nothing else too exciting happened. The Bengals demolished the Bears, the Saints are good (pretty sure I said that last week…), and the Cardinals pulled off an important upset.

Colts anyone? It’s been a while since we’ve seen that kind of blowout by them. They’re looking pretty stellar. Obviously their run defense and offense is still a question. A large question…They have an easy schedule though, and the hardest team they’ve played so far are the 4-2 Cardinals, and that was not a good game.


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Seven Locks

Finally got my computer back.

15-7 Overall. Let’s pick it up.

NE -15 @ TB

I like MIN, NO -7, IND -14
But don’t take my word for it…

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Late Week Six Capper

Experts, what? Only one of them had nine right, and Pick ‘Em contestants had 10 right. The legitimacy of that whole operation is going downhill, fast.

One person picked Texans>Bengals? Two picked Chiefs>Redskins. Two picked Cardinals>Seahawks…guys, seriously? I not only picked these three teams to win in all my pick ’ems but also threw some cash down. How can all of them be that bad to not even go the upset route? Seriously, I know there are down weeks, but all of those teams were great upset picks.

Get over the Hasselbeck hype already people, he’s inconsistent and had a 4 TD game against the JAGUARS! A bottom tier pass defense.
Vikings get lucky again, the Saints are GOOD.
The Steelers are still not that good.
Wow, Jets and Eagles. The Jets have fallen apart since beating NE. Once the Broncos lose, I can see that happening to them as well. And the Raiders, going from 7-44 to 13-9, good turnaround.
And the Ravens defense is nonexistent.

How I see it: Saints>Giants – Colts>Patriots (Championship games)
At this point, how can you go against the Colts or Saints?

Oh yea, got a promotion at RE, I am now head of the scouts department/player updates. Big stuff ahead.

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This is a make or break week. A lot of potential upsets/close games. Seran preperados.

Haven’t been able to update as much without a computer, but here it is.

13-6 overall.

BUF @ NYJ -10

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RENBA Article

My Northwest division preview is up. Check it out for all you fantasy bballers.


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All right…What?

I’m not surprised the Bengals are good, I am surprised they have beaten the Packers, Steelers, and Ravens though. Anyone predict this? Anyone?
The Broncos are impressing me, I can’t deny it anymore. Still, they are going to lose to the Chargers, and the AFC may be worse than the NFC this year…haven’t decided yet. Pretty sure I picked the Broncs to beat the Browns, that’s it, that’s how bad I am.

Locks = 2-0 this week, and I see NYJ is -3 now, STILL going with it.

Here is my “WHAT” column.

Bills – WHAT?
Derek Anderson – WHAT?
Jacksonville – WHAT?
Tom Brady in the 2nd half – WHAT?
Tony Romy sucks without Miles Austin getting him 50+ YAC – WHAT?
Houston running the ball on the goal line with Schaub and AJ – WHAT?

A pretty predictable week. Let’s get some early thoughts in on next week.

Oh yea, so how do the Dolphins have a chance tonight? I keep hearing this, is it true? The Jets defend the run, and Henne does what with it? I don’t know…
Jets 24 – Dolphins 13

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Busted Up

Busted my computer about 4 days ago. 4-2 last week, 11-5 overall.

NYJ -2 @ MIA

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