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Who thinks the Broncos will beat out the Chargers to get to the playoffs? What about the Bengals over the Steelers? Anyone?
Okay, I mean they’ve been playing good, but really, which team is better?

Yea, wellllll, who the fuck cares what power rankings say anyways and why are they done? No one cares.

The suposedly respected NFP and ESPN rankings. In the past three weeks, the Patriots, Steelers, and Chargers have changed their ranking in each of these by about 10 spots. First, its called opponents and location, and Second those teams are all in the top 10. Don’t care what you have to say.

Oh look at ESPN, the Ravens dropped to 7 because they lost to the Patriots? Hmm…terrible.

Anyway, that’s that. I’ll give you who will make the playoffs. However, this will be quick and I won’t be looking at future schedules.

NFC: Giants, Vikings, Saints, 49ers, Falcons, Packers
So that was a little harder than I thought, but I am going with the Packers because they were my SB pick even though they look terrible right now.
On the cusp = Eagles, Bears, Cardinals

AFC: Patriots, Jets, Colts, Chargers, Ravens, Steelers
On the cusp = Bengals, Broncos

No specific order at all.

I guess these are all division leaders right now, so this is a pretty lame post…my bad.

Saints v Colts


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The Bat’s Ranks

ESPN – Steelers at 2, Packers at 4
Dr. Z
– Patriots at 2, Titans at 7
– Giants at 1, Panthers at 4

1. Cowboys – Defense better improve first
2. Giants – So far the most consistent, except weak opponents
3. Steelers – Defense is back to old ways, but offense faltered a little against CLE
4. Eagles – Offense is a top, and defense can be better
5. Patriots – Offensive prowess is not there, but their defense is picking it up
6. Colts – Peyton is back, but defense is still in question
7. Packers – We’ll see how Rodgers can handle a team with wins
8. Broncos – Cutler and Marshall are a force, and their defense is improved
9. Chargers – Remember the 1-3 start last season including a loss to the Chiefs?…yea
10. Bills – A great start with a weak schedule to come
11. Panthers – Smith is back, and that can only mean an improvement
12. Titans – Surprising start, the offense will have to pick it up for them to compete with higher teams
13. Cardinals – They actually have a defense
14. Saints – They don’t have a defense…still
15. Bears – Mistake free football from Orton is all they need
16. Bucs – Same team as last year
17. Jaguars
18. Vikings
19. Browns
20. Jets
21. Redskins
22. Texans
23. Ravens
24. Seahawks
25. 49ers
26. Seahawks
27. Bengals
28. Raiders
29. Lions
30. Dolphins
31. Chiefs
32. Rams

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NFL Stuff

Whoops! Too busy for an update last week…
Not much happened to tell the truth.
The Colts beats the Jaguars again, of course. The Lions are worthless right now.
It looks like the Chargers are the only team standing out in that wretched division.
Nothing else worth noting, except the Cardinals/Vikings are looking good. The Titans/Browns are fighting for a spot.

Also, I am contemplating dropping D Driver for Roddy White in one of my fantasy leagues, never saw that coming, or I guess you could have.

How about a top 10?
1. Patriots, ehh
2. Colts, yes they are better than the NFC
3. Cowboys, with the win over the Packmen this is evident
4. Packers, played really well without Rodgers
5. Steelers, they need to pick it up if they want to compete for the AFC though
6. Jaguars, even though I don’t like them, they have beaten their competition in the AFC
7. Chargers, only because the Bucs/Chawks haven’t faced anyone real
8/9. Bucs/Seahawks, I like the Bucs to finish with a better record though.
10. Browns, YES I love it, they have a better of chance than the Titans to make the playoffs
11. Giants, these guys need to pick it up, they played a little better against the Bears, but not as good as they can
12. Cardinals, I believe they can get one more win than the Vikes to get into the final playoff position

Tonights game is a rough one to start off the week.
Neither team is playing all that well. But I am giving it to the Bears because of Lovie and because the Skins let go of that lead to the Bills last week.
BUT Jason Campbell has the ability to win this game, don’t put it past him, he has improved a lot. We just have to wait and see what good ole Rex can do.

I’ll be back for the week 14 full installment.

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Here we go!
Let’s start with the Lions, yes. Love those guys. I was at the game Thursday, and I will at admit, before the game I thought the Lions were better team than that and had a pretty good chance of pulling an upset.
Ah, little did I know their defensive backs are actually worse than I thought they were. Please at least stay on your feet. One on one coverage they fell at least 3 teams…not good guys. But, the Packers did prove themselves, I give them that.
The Boys and the Horses took their games pretty handily. The Colts were looking rather rough if the first quarter. But, P. Manning would not allow that to open. Anthony Gonzo decides to show up and earn himself top yardage/catches. Very nice.

And back to week 11.
The Jags continue to impress.
Patriots please, no one likes you, and I hate to say it: You will not win the Superbowl, the SB is not going to let jerks like you to win. I’m sorry, I mean I definitely see the need to go for 4th downs when you are up by 30/40 points!! Of course, Tom Brady “I NEED RECORDS, I NEED TO OVERPOWER PEYTON’S RECORDS!” He is saying something like that. Finally, Maroney the baloney gets his first touchdown last week! So proud of him, I mean Brady is probably still pissed about it, oh well I guess.
Okay, sorry about that.
Like I said before, the Saints: not good.
Browns, you better believe it, even though they barely got by. Giving up 30 points to the Ravens might be considered a loss in itself.
Woooah, J E T S, that was something over the Steelheads, and it was also something not being able to score against the Boys, ehh.
Steelers better pick it up, we all need them to beat the Patriots.
After a few losses, the Bucs are alive again, be on the lookout.
Cardinals are looking to make a run. Good job bengals, your defense continues to impress.
Two straight for the Rams…yay…
Good job Seahawks, but lookout for the Cards!
After the Lions game, it looks like the Broncos have something to say, I know the Titans have not been playing well, but the AFC West is looking pretty tough with a bunch of mediocre teams.

Oh Reggie! Nice grab, nice grab.

Throw in some action for the reader there. Yay!

Now: Week 12.

A pretty gruesome week. I mean really, 24 point favorites for the Patriots…no comment.
Even though the 49ers are 10 point underdogs, they still beat the Cards in the first game of the year.
Giants should be able to handle the Vikings well, I mean they can’t pass, but we knew that 10 weeks ago, and so did everyone else. Time for Elisha to get back on track (or however you spell his name).
The Jaguars are just powerful, and the Bills and just embarrassed by last weeks loss at HOME.
It almost looks like Bears/Broncos is the best game. Sort of funny…
I like the Broncos, but each of these teams are unpredictable. Cutler>Grossman, so that is my decision.
Ohhh, I pick the Bengals wayyy too much. I say that every week.
I don’t know though, whenever Vinsanity throws for over 250 yards, they tend to lose (ex. last 2 weeks). He will reach 250 against the BUNGles. So that means the Bengals will win, even though they are not good at all.
Herm Edwards will take out the Raiders single-handedly.
Browns/Texans: expect points, but also expect Browns. Home field, and the Texans just don’t like cold weather.
Julius will handle Brees/Bush and the Panthers will win. The Saints are still favorites…
Edit: David Carr is starting, I will change my pick and sadly go with the Saints.

Good game: Bucs vs. Skins
I don’t think Campbell has enough to take on the Bucs defense, but the Skins defense may be too much for Jeff. However, the Bucs will sneak by, with the pirates.
Love the Cardinals. Hate the Chargers, but, the Ravens are worthless.
Eagles> Patriots, yea I said it. AJ Feeley is the quarterback? Who knows. Yea I’m just kidding, stupid Patriots.
Look out for the Eagles defense to return 2 INTs for TDs for Tom Brady (just adding to his record).
Steelers seriously, prove yourselves. The Dolphins and Beck/Williams, really good offense. If this is a close game…Good night Steelers.

How ’bout that? Patriots are going to lose, take my word for it!
Of course I am saying that because I hate them, but last game of the year against the Giants (if no one else can beat them). The G-Men will be fighting for a playoff spot (possibly), that means yes ELI>TOM ! Yes yes yes! He will redeem his brother!

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Let’s Rank It

1. Patriots – yea…
2. Colts – Defense a lot better than people thought they would be.
It drops off a little bit from here…
3. Cowboys – If their defense doesn’t get better, they will drop.
4. Giants – Yes, they have improved this much since that Packers game.
5. Chargers – I’m not sure what happened in their losses, but their form from last year is starting to take shape.
6. Steelers – It’s not the fact they lost, their defense was not the same defense we had seen in previous games.
7. Packers – Find a running game or…Well, I guess there isn’t much competition here.
8. Redskins – If their offense can show some life like they did in the Lions game, they came make something of the season.
9. Titans – I just like these guys over the Jaguars. Their offense has dropped, but their defense will always be there, the Texans 36 points was a rarity.
If this went by predicting best records, I would put the Seahawks here, considering their schedule is ridiculously easy.
However, it does not.
10. Chiefs – Yes, Herm is starting to bring these guys to life on both sides of the ball. Too bad they have one of the, if not hardest schedule remaining. They will probably not make the playoffs, but will be a tough competitor.

I’ll give the next two spots to the Lions and Browns. I think the Browns are better than what people think. The Lions are too unpredictable to place in the top 10.
If the Bengals can take a win from Pittsburgh this weekend, look for them to make a run to the playoffs. However, they have not been playing too great. So check out one of the Games of the Week.
The Bucs will win their division. The Panthers will lose their next 2 games. Actually let’s look at their 4 previous wins. (Rams, Falcons, Saints, Cardinals) Yea, good wins, especially against Tim Rattay.
The next 6 games for the Ravens all could be possible losses, they better pick it up, fast.

Get ready for 8.

Bengals/Steelers. Redskins/Patriots. Packers/Broncos.

And oh yea… Lions/Bears………….Hmmmmm

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