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SC Week 2

Bucs +7.5
The Bucs aren’t that bad and the Giants looked terrible last week. More than a TD? Come on.

Colts +1
Sure, AP is back, but this is Andrew Luck’s first game at home. The Vikings are not a good team on the road and Ponder will prove it. The Colts will be pumped and ready to get their first win.

Rams +3
Is it me or is everyone overrating the Redskins and RG3? The Rams actually have a tougher defense than the Saints and will cause problems. The Rams will use a more balanced attack than the Saints and win.

Jets +6
Maybe the Steelers will win, but it won’t be by much. They didn’t look good against the Broncos and the Jets looked fantastic. It’ll be a close, hard fought game.

Chargers -6
The Titans lost at home to the Patriots by 21 points. How are they going to come closer AT San Diego? The Chargers defense looked tough and will cause problems for the Titans offense all game.


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SuperContest Week 1

I went one game above .500 last year. Okay, but I didn’t put too much time into it like years past.

Patriots -5.5 – Confused at how Locker will keep up with Brady
Eagles -8.5 – Weeden to…?
Bucs +2.5 – At home, Panthers overrated
Seahawks -2.5 – Cardinals are a mess
Broncos -1.5 Couldn’t beat them with Tebow, now they have Peyton.

I spent like 1min on these, could change in next 24 hours.

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2012 NFL Playoff Predictions

Patriots 13-3       Packers 12-4
Texans 11-5         Eagles 11-5
Ravens10-6        Falcons 10-6
Broncos 9-7         49ers 10-6
Steelers10-6         Bears 10-6
Chargers 9-7        Cowboys 9-7

I don’t really know who the best team in the AFC is. Let’s say Texans vs. Falcons in SB. I hate it.

Tough wild card spots there.

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