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Supa Supa

Great games on Sunday, sorry if you missed the nerve-wracking Giants/Packers game.

Both of the games went almost as expected.
The Chargers could have utilized Sproles a little more, because when he got the ball, plays were made. If only the Chargers could have put TDs on the board instead, it would have been very interesting. Surprisingly the Bolts led the turnover battle. The Patriots know how to get it done though. Brady with 3 interceptions! I hate to say it, but they deserve to be there. The Colts could not overcome their mistakes like the Pats did, and they are the deserving team out of the AFC.
As for the NFC, people may disagree with the Giants being the best team, but look at what they have done! Beating the 1 and 2 seeds in consecutive weeks, away from home. It’s not like they got lucky either. They dominated these games. Even though they were close, the Packers had some long plays, and without those it would have been a demolishing. Favre could never get it going, Grant could not run anywhere. And Eli was exploiting Woodson and Harris easily. Plaxico looked like Reggie Wayne out there, literally, they look like the same player with the way they run their routes and their build.
The Giants surprised everyone in the playoffs (well…except me), but they definitely deserve to be where they are right now.
It will be a very exciting Superbowl. But the line at 12, 14 points, however many. That is ridiculous. I am not sure if the Patriots have covered any of their lines yet in the playoffs, and on the other hand, the Giants have won each time they were the underdog. That is almost free money for the betters.
I can’t wait to analyze the game.
Will I continue picking the G Men like I have throughout the playoffs, or will I go with everyone else in the world except for New York…?


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No one could say that at the beginning of the year they thought the Giants and the Packers would be playing against each other in the NFC Championship. The same can’t be said about the Chargers/Patriots game, however. Both of these games have heavily favored teams as well. But, favorites or not, they just have to play the game, everyone knows it. And I can’t seem to understand why not one person is willing to separate themselves from the group of experts (ESPN, CBS, etc…) and pick an upset.

AFC first. Very understandable that no one is going against the Patriots. And everyone knows the one team that had the best chance of beating them, was the Colts. However, I think the next best chance would have to be the Chargers. Yes, they still have played not that good of football, but maybe this is the day they overcome that. Their win over Indy was nothing short of spectacular, but they deserve credit for getting the win. With all of these injuries as well, it may be very tough. I think LT is going to play, Rivers, is a bit more questionable. Volek can play just as good as Rivers, as long as he doesn’t throw interceptions. Sproles and Turner both have the ability to produce yards as well. As seen from Sproles last week, get him in the open field and anything can happen, an MJD type of player. Defensively the Chargers have not looked good, yardage wise at least. They have the players to disrupt patterns and make turnovers. Merriman and Cromartie give them hope. But will it happen? Brady knows just about every way to beat a team. The main problem I see in this game is the Chargers offense. If they churn it out like they did last week against the Colts, they have a better chance of winning than what everyone is giving them. However, it won’t be enough. It may be cold and windy, which gives a little advantage to the Chargers.
But, the Patriots are a step ahead of everyone else, and it will show in this game. If the Chargers win the turnover battle, it will be very interesting.
Pats 27 – Bolts 21

The Packers are rolling, but so are the Giants. It will be a different game than what happened early in the season when the Giants were playing uninspired football. This time around, they may have injuries, but they are playing great together. Both of these teams will start with the running game until something opens up. With temperatures at zero starting game time, making tackles will be a little more difficult. Especially on the bruiser Jacobs. Again, as in the previous game. The underdog cannot make mistakes if they want to pull of an upset. Eli has to be safe with the ball, I am sure this is exactly what Peyton told him earlier in the week. I think the Giants will be able to run the ball, and do what they have been doing throughout the playoffs. On the other end, the question is if they can contain the Favre/Grant. That will be a tough task, either of these guys could have big games. I see them pressuring Favre for an interception or two, but will it be enough? The Packers are playing great, and no one thinks the Giants can win this. The last time the Packers had a true “big game” was against the Cowboys, this is the second one of the year. They may have beat the Chargers/Giants already, but neither of those teams were playing half as good as they are now. The G Men have what it takes to win. So will they continue playing like it, or will they falter as everyone knows how they do.
Giants 23 – Packers 20

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Reviewing Round One

Some very exciting first round games to start off the NFL playoff season. All of the games were very close, even some scores didn’t show it.

The Jaguars won as everyone thought, I guess my take on Pittsburgh’s home field advantage didn’t size up.
Also, Eli took some pointers from Peyton and he showed the everyone how he could really play. If he continues that against Dallas, it will be a showdown.
The Chargers won against a weak Titans team, losing Antonio in the process. Everyone predicted the Chargers to demolish the Titans, but I mean, it is the NFL playoffs. All the NFL experts on CBS before the game were picking like 30-10 or 40-10, around those numbers. Teams play their hearts out in the playoffs, which equals close games.
The C-Hawks/Skins game was very intense. 13-0 Seahawks becoming 14-13 Redskins just like that. It was very exciting, until Todd Collins showed why he didn’t play for 10 straight years by throwing 2 interceptions for touchdowns. Oh well, Seattle picked it up when they needed to. I’m not sure if they have enough to beat the Packers though, that will be in my next segment, however.

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Round 1

The Playoffs have reached us yet again, in a new year.
And what is on everyone’s minds? The Patriots, yes the Patriots.
Can they do it? Can they go all the way?
Well ladies and gentleman the answer is NO.
Even though the AFC does look weak, (Chargers,Steelers, Titans) there are still contending teams that can knock off the Pats (Colts, Jags).

Yes, the Chargers do have a win streak, but their opponents haven’t been anything to brag about.
Ravens, Chiefs, Titans, Lions, Broncos, Raiders.WOW! Some quality teams there, and they are the 3rd seed? Only decent win (if that) was against the Titans who were actually ahead for a good portion of that game.

And the Titans on the other hand, best win coming against Jacksonville, first game of the year (not including Colts for obvious reason, could barely beat their backups). Next best wins against Texans/Saints, that’s quality. And remember that 35-6 beating of the Bengals late November? I thought the Titans were favorites in that game? Hmm…Vince Young may not be what they’re looking for after all.

The Steelers did look great at the beginning of the year, lately not as much. Lost 3 of last 4 going into playoffs?! Best wins against the Browns and Seahawks. Not bad, but not good. The Steelers have not played well at all in big games. (Patriots, Jags). And right now the Jags can pretty much beat everyone except the Colts.
That is a good enough reason to put the Jags as favorites against the Steelers at home.

However, I just don’t think that is going to happen in Pittsburgh though. With everything going for the Jaguars, it seems like a for sure win. Except the Steelers do have a decent defense, just needs certain players to step up, and Big Ben can surely dismantle the Jags pass defense.
A really tough choice though because I think the Jags have a better shot than the Steelers at dismantling the Patriots.

NFC wise. Can Eli pull through for the Giants and actually win a playoff game? Yes! This is the year they do it. Even though a blowout is still a possibility for the Bucs. However, after resting for 3 straight weeks, I believe the Bucs may be a little rusty while the Giants are coming off their “happy” loss to the Patriots. I’m picking the Giants solely because of their confidence.

No one knows what to do with the Seahawks/Redskins game though. A very interesting and good game. Without an explanation first, I am picking the Redskins. Who wouldn’t at this point if you have seen how they have been playing. They have an excellent pass defense that can control Hasselbeck. As for the running game, the Seahawks have not been able to run at all this year. As for the Skins, they have a balanced attack of Collins and Portis which can score points against the Seahawks DE, I am sure of it. However, the Seahawks are very good at winning close games, which they may come down to.

Two upsets? Possibility. That leaves it at:
If the Giants are playing good at this point, very good game. Unlike earlier in the season when the Giants were playing terrible football.
Redskins/Cowboys (uh-ohhhh!)

Very interesting games, one could only hope for the second game listed.

I see the Colts dominating this game, and getting payback from earlier in the year.
I really would like to see the Jags here, but I can’t go against Steelers at home in playoffs. And, yes, Patriots win this one, sadly.

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