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Really, Steelers?

Is that how a 7 point favorite should win in the Super Bowl? Losing a 13 point lead with 13 minutes or so left in the 4th quarter.

This guy overplays the Super Bowl and how it was. The first 3 quarters, the Cardinals were endangered of getting blown out, and everyone thought that too. The reason I linked to it was because of the “Overtime Reform” section. Read that part, very interesting, I’m not sure what my take is yet. I like the win by at least 4 points rule. Or…I don’t know, I’d rather have it be more fair still, if both teams could somehow touch the ball.

Bill Simmons wrote a great article. These are the thoughts going through everyone’s mind during the game, unless you like Madden…I loved the article though, it was funny, informational, and a good overall read.

Okay, so I forgot to mention in my previous post. Why was the last play of the game NOT CHALLENGED?! It was the 2nd call I thought that was ruled a fumble, but overturned (in this case it wasn’t challenged). I mean, what was everyone else thinking? I am pretty sure if it was challenged it would have been called incomplete. And like Simmons said, a celebration penalty could have put the Cardinals at the Pittsburgh 29 yard line. Really? I thought it was obvious that it needed to be, and it’s just chosen not to be? I know there is five seconds left, but that does not mean you can exclude the rules. The Cards have Warner and FITZGERALD, two of the best at their position in the LEAGUE! Anything can happen, ANYTHING. Fitzgerald can come down with any ball, even if the whole team was on him.

Also, the biggest play of the game by James Harrison. It should have been reviewed a little more carefully, or the refs should have payed attention to what was happening, because I know that everyone watching couldn’t believe it and thought it had to be turned back. The refs thought this as well, so they didn’t want to bother with throwing out any other flags.

Also, a horribly coached game.

Simmons is spot on, read it.

I’m still confused about that last play. Why wasn’t it reviewed? I was 99.9% sure that it would be reviewed, that’s how positive I was. Then…it wasn’t, and I was kreboppled, and I turned off the T.V.


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the Cardinals are Happy

They should be. I know they lost the SuperBowl, but look at what they did. Look at what they accomplished.

The last two weeks of the season, ESPN had them ranked at #19 then #13. These guys went and beat the Falcons who were playing great ball, into Carolina, and SMOKE one of the best teams throughout the season, beat the Eagles who everyone thought was playing unstoppable at the time. Then they go and take their first lead of the game with about two minutes left against the Steelers.
Hey, I’m impressed. The Cardinals did not get enough credit throughout the postseason. They had the highest odds of making the SB 43 in the NFC. They were underdogs in all of their games. No one gave them a chance in any of them (except maybe in the Wild Card round).

Still, for the SuperBowl, they were seven point underdogs. Numerous people and experts were saying the Cardinals had no chance and the Steelers would blow them out. It looked like that a couple times, but with Warner and his weapons, you cannot say that. Before the season I remember hearing someone say, the Cardinals are can be in every game they play because of their offense. Well, that is what happened. Good defenses could not stop them.

Play of the game: James Harrison, 100 yard interception for TD. Easily.

That was the game, a 14-point turnaround at the end of the half! Could be 14-10 for the Cardinals, ends out 7-17. Wow, the Cards had the momentum and were cooking. I think the Cards won the 2nd half, and outplayed the Steelers. I was surprised after using the run more to win in previous postseason games, they only ran it about 10 times, but hey, they didn’t need to, Warner was burning.

No matter, it was a good game. I really wanted the Cardinals to win, it would’ve been great for them. A better story, a more likable team, I think, and people that wanted it more. Larry Fitzgerald wanted it more than anyone, just watch replays of Fitzgerald reacting after they score a touchdown at the end of their playoff games, he wants it.

I picked the Cardinals 26-23. Close, but no straw.

Good game, still cannot get myself to like the Steelers…

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