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Will update throughout the season

1. 4-1
2. 3-2 (7-3)
3. 4-1 (11-4)
4. 4-1 (15-5)
5. 4-1 (19-6)
6. 2-3 (21-9)
7. 3-2 (24-11)
8. 2-3 (26-14)
9. 4-1 (30-15)
10. 4-1 (34-16)
11. 3-2 (37-18)
12. 2-3 (39-21)
13. 1-4 (40-25)
14. 2-3 (42-28)
15. 3-2 (45-30)
16. 3-2 (48-32)
17. 2-3 (50-35)

Winner sits around 55-57 wins each year. That’s basically 3 every week, plus a few 4 win weeks. Cannot have losing weeks, simple as that unless you can string together 4-5 win weeks. I started last year with 7 straight losing weeks somehow. My worst year overall.

2011: 42-41-2
2012: 47-36-2
2013: 35-42-3
2014: 50-35-0
2015: 42-42-1
2016: No comment

Let’s get 50 this year…

Update: It was my best year since I’ve started doing this. Can’t complain, fell apart toward end unfortunately. I got a little nervous, then Week 17 was away and didn’t put much into it. Just 13-17 in final 6 weeks. That’s poor and unfortunate…


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SuperContest Week 1

I went one game above .500 last year. Okay, but I didn’t put too much time into it like years past.

Patriots -5.5 – Confused at how Locker will keep up with Brady
Eagles -8.5 – Weeden to…?
Bucs +2.5 – At home, Panthers overrated
Seahawks -2.5 – Cardinals are a mess
Broncos -1.5 Couldn’t beat them with Tebow, now they have Peyton.

I spent like 1min on these, could change in next 24 hours.

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Things have changed a lot over the last four weeks. For starters, after four weeks, I still had the Cowboys at No. 3 in the NFC and the Chargers at No. 1 because of their easy schedule. Not so much anymore.

1. Saints
2. Packers
3. Giants
4. 49ers
5. Falcons
6. Eagles

The NFC is bad. Really bad. The only changes I have are (3. Cowboys and 6. Vikings) from Week 4.

1. Patriots
2. Colts
3. Ravens
4. Chargers
5. Steelers
6. Jets

Patriots, Colts? Weird. After taking out the Ravens, Chagers and Vikings in consecutive weeks, you gotta put the Patriots up front. They still have a tough remaining schedule, but so does everyone else. Steelers and Ravens could easily finish with the best records, but I don’t think they are any better than the Patriots or Colts. Changes from Week 4 (1. Chargers, 2. Ravens, 3. Patriots, 4. Colts, 6. Texans) Only one team change. That could easily change if the Texans beat the Jets in Week 11. Never know.

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After the first four weeks, this could be one of the most confusing starts to an NFL season ever. Can we even predict who will make the playoffs in the AFC right now? What about to win the NFC East or West? It’s a complete mess, but here are my 12 predictions for the playoffs. I won’t give the classic so-called power rankings that everyone compiles. It will be six from the NFC and six from the AFC.

Obviously, many things can change. Here are the seeds.

1. Saints
2. Packers
3. Cowboys
4. 49ers
5. Falcons
6. Vikings

Saints have a ridiculously easy schedule. Falcons could have 2nd best record in NFC. Cowboys are the best team in their division, don’t care what records are right now. Same with the 49ers. Vikings and Bears will be a tight one, but I think Vikes pull it out late in season with easier schedule.

1. Chargers
2. Ravens
3. Patriots
4. Colts
5. Steelers
6. Texans

Chargers have easiest schedule, as do the  Ravens. Patriots should be able to sweep rest of division games, same with the Colts. Both have their away games gone against harder teams (except for Colts @ Titans). Colts November schedule is brutal, but I’ll still take them. If the Texans stay healthy, I think they can take out the Jets in Week 11, but that is a stretch. Very difficult as I left off the Bengals, Jets and the 3-0 Chiefs.

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Predictions NFL 2010

San Francisco (10-6)                 Baltimore (11-5)
Arizona (8-8)                                Cincinnati (9-7)
Seattle (5-11)                                Pittsburgh (7-9)
St. Louis (4-12)                            Cleveland (3-13)

New Orleans ( 13-3)                   New England (11-5)
Atlanta (10-6)                              New York (9-7)
Carolina (7-9)                               Miami (8-8)
Tampa Bay (4-12)                       Buffalo (5-11)

Green Bay (12-4)                         San Diego (12-4)
Minnesota (10-6)                         Oakland (7-9)
Chicago (7-9)                                Kansas City (6-10)
Detroit (5-11)                                Denver (5-11)

Dallas (10-6)                                  Indianapolis (12-4)
New York (10-6)                          Houston (9-7)
Philadelphia (7-9)                       Tennessee (8-8)
Washington (6-10)                      Jacksonville (6-10)

Cowboys > Falcons                     Ravens > Jets
Giants > 49ers                               Patriots > Texans

Saints > Giants                              Ravens > Chargers
Packers >  Cowboys                    Colts > Patriots

Packers > Saints                           Colts > Ravens

Colts > Packers

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EightBall MNF

I think the Colts might be done with their blowout period.
Not sure what happened to the Giants. And the Broncos finally are exploited. Cardinals? Come on…
Other than that, I still hate Brett Favre and nothing else happened this week.

Okay, the Falcons got handled pretty well by the Cowboys and Romo last week. This week? The Saints.
Okay, the Saints defense has improved this year, but last two weeks they gave up 27 and 34 to the Giants/Dolphins respectively.

People are still down on the Falcons, but they’ll make the playoffs. This will be a good, high-scoring game. Either the Burner Turner gets his game going or Matt Ryan goes for 300. The Saints obviously will score…a lot.
This time the Falcons offense keeps them in the game, but not enough.
Saints 38 – Falcons 31

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All right…What?

I’m not surprised the Bengals are good, I am surprised they have beaten the Packers, Steelers, and Ravens though. Anyone predict this? Anyone?
The Broncos are impressing me, I can’t deny it anymore. Still, they are going to lose to the Chargers, and the AFC may be worse than the NFC this year…haven’t decided yet. Pretty sure I picked the Broncs to beat the Browns, that’s it, that’s how bad I am.

Locks = 2-0 this week, and I see NYJ is -3 now, STILL going with it.

Here is my “WHAT” column.

Bills – WHAT?
Derek Anderson – WHAT?
Jacksonville – WHAT?
Tom Brady in the 2nd half – WHAT?
Tony Romy sucks without Miles Austin getting him 50+ YAC – WHAT?
Houston running the ball on the goal line with Schaub and AJ – WHAT?

A pretty predictable week. Let’s get some early thoughts in on next week.

Oh yea, so how do the Dolphins have a chance tonight? I keep hearing this, is it true? The Jets defend the run, and Henne does what with it? I don’t know…
Jets 24 – Dolphins 13

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