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Racing Lights Out of 3

The season is in full swing, and we have hit the bye weeks. Sorry to anyone that had one of their leagues autodrafted and ended up with Matt Ryan, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Brian Westbrook, and Tony Gonzalez. Oh whoops…me. That league is pointless anyway and on Fox Fantasy, which isn’t as good as the  advertisement says it is.

Sorry about those locks last week, I threw that Packers/Rams over in, in the last minute, and was way off. And then the Dolphins/Chargers decided to get yards but not points, so there it is. 2-2 last week. 7-3 overall. Sorry, I got greedy.

Okay, I still hate Brett Favre. The 49ers deserved that win. That’s about all I have to say about last week, everything else panned out as expected just about. Oh, the Bengals! I picked them early in the week and then figured the Steelers wouldn’t lose two in a row. What a shame…

Great games this weekend, I’m pretty excited already. This is excluding the MSU beatdown of UM (hah…).
Those are my early game predictions.

I don’t know if anyone read my preseason predictions, but I believe I said that Palmer and 85 would be back, AND that Peyton would have a stellar year, more so than the past four years. Okay, a little early on that.


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Week 3 Peeps

Let’s do some work.

Upsets: Titans, Lions, 49ers, Colts, Raiders

Note: Whenever I pick the Lions, they lose, keep that in mind, oh wait I guess they lose anyway…

Texans, Patriots, Bears – nothing else worth noting


Saints -6 @ Bills
Dolphins @ Chargers OVER 44.5
49ers +6.5 @ Vikings

I need another 1pm game in there.
Packers @ Rams UNDER 42.5

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Not Bad?

All right, last week. I went 25-5 on spreads and over/under. That is ridiculous.
Overall on season locks 5-1. Same percentage, I can deal.

I used to have a little more respect for NFP, but what the hell is this guy doing on there?

I didn’t review last weeks games, but I’ll look over them and give my thoughts, I’ll maybe do something different tomorrow…

The Patriots and Packers (my SB predictions) disappointed me, the Vikings still aren’t that good, the 49ers are still showing everyone what’s up (and I think it may continue in Week 3), the Ravens are a good team, and the Colts are just ridiculous.
Other than that, everything is still the same.

I still hate NFL power rankings done weekly on ESPN and other sites, not even going to waste my time and link to them because they suck. I don’t know, it’s just hard to agree with any of them. Ohm the Steelers have been #1 on your site for about 10 months now, and lose one close game and now are #10? Uh, nice.

Keyshawn Johnson was 7-9 last week on picks? Dude, seriously. Mortensen is just killing it right now. I’m sitting comfy with a healthy 24-8 on regular, and 22-10 on spread. Prettttttttttttay good.
The trend is constantly different between the NFL Countdown team and the ESPN Experts, and I DO NOT get it. Countdown is heavy on the Jets and Cardinals, while the experts are all big on the Chargers.

Anyways, RotoExperts, for all your fantasy needs. 10am-1pm = live chat for FREE with advice. I’ll be floating around there, so hit it up.

Locks tomorrow, and you better fucking listen. Hah…

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Two Locks

PEOPLE – We’re back / I’m back.
This is how I roll, 3 locks a week, no explanation.
2-1 so far.

OAK @ KCMoney Line      Edited: 10mins before game
IND -3.5 @ MIA

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2 Pick ‘Em or Not 2 Pick

I wasn’t going to bother with this, this year, but the ESPN experts have forced me too.

Sunday Countdown | ESPN Experts | Yahoo Experts

Does Countdown know something the experts don’t? Jets and Dolphins across the board, except for TJ going with the Colts.

All right…this week is filled with a lot of tough games to pick, who will come out on top? Probably not me…

The Jets will put up a fight, but NE wins in a close one.
The Texans will also put a close game on the table, but the Titans are too tough.
Don’t dis the Lions, but the Vikings still win, closer than you think.
JAC and OAK both take the cake, in close games on bad teams.
The Redskins should win, but that’s not always the case for them.
Buffalo will have a tough time, but pull through.
49ers also looking strong, containing Hass somewhat.
BAL pulls the upset with a better offense and LT out.
Cowboys have been hyped too much, Giants win.
Indy will come to play, and the won’t disappoint.

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Roto, WHAT?!

Week 2 starts tomorrow, get ready, I’ll have the locks up in a bit.

No need to list start/sits anymore, there’s a million sites out there, but the most legit one I would have to say is: Rotoexperts

Check out: The NFL Spy, which takes a look into the future, and could help your fantasy teams out a lot, notice Cutler’s easy schedule in the future, I’ve already heard of people dropping him after week one, GET OUT!
Also, check out my man Scott Engel’s weekly rankings, this guy knows his stuff, and they are real rankings, not conforming with the rest of the world.
He analyzes each match up thoroughly, notice Hasselbeck at 5 and C. Johnson at 3, where else do you see this? Yeah, no where. ESPN, Yahoo, all those guys have generic rankings each week, where guys only are only ranked on previous stats.

Seriously, though, check out the site, get some lineup help at the forums, and so on.

This is the first year in which I’m not even going to bother with all those sites, and Fred Jackson rewarded me greatly.

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#1 Reeeeeview!

Let’s take a look at what happened:
The Titans are still going to be pretty good, didn’t see much falloff.
Pittsburgh is their usual selves.
The Dolphins are not good, and the wildcat won’t get them anywhere.
The Falcons are looking to improve on last year, and do have a better team.
The Ravens defense sucked, but Joe Flacco will have a better year, as will their offense.
The Chiefs we’re decent offensively somehow, still don’t think Cassel will do anything.
No, Carolina will not make the playoffs, Delhomme…ummm.
The Eagles didn’t really do too much on offense, the Panthers offense was just THAT bad.
Josh McDaniels got lucky, and the Broncos still suck.
The Bengals missed out on some key opportunities to get points, and lost a game they should have won, Palmer will improve.
Vikings were not that impressive, I don’t care what people say. 1st half : AP – 9 carries 25 yards. MIN losing 10-13, 2nd half…yea you know what happened, nice play calling in 1st. And their defense didn’t play that good against the Browns.
Brady Quinn needs to throw the ball downfield more than once for the Browns to win.
The Texans just sucked and did not do anything on offense, really disappointing.
The Jets defense is good, and Sanchez did play well, still won’t make the playoffs.
The Colts looked good, but just couldn’t score, holding MJD for under 5 ypc is an accomplishment for them.
The Jaguars need some WRs, if so, they could’ve won.
The Saints ran and passed, still need to see something from their defense.
The Lions were themselves, but no one can stop the Saints so, who knows. And their running game sucked.
The Cowboys run defense was not good, and all their TDs were bombs, that won’t get you far.
The Bucs played well, but too many mistakes on defense was the game, oh, and new recruit Winslow dropping the ball.
I picked the 49ers to win, and they did it, defensively, since Gore didn’t exactly kill it, Hill had a nice drive though.
The Cardinals are not that good, their offense sucked, but their defense was okay against a less than average offense.
The Redskins look like the same team, so, don’t expect much unless Campbell turns into a new person.
The Giants are the same team as well, I think a better defense than last year, and some sweet RBs to help Eli.
The Rams still can’t score…and they still aren’t good, worse than the Lions I think.
The Seahawks offense was good running and passing, defensively they played the worst offensive team in the league.
Cutler, great job, the Bears have a lot of questions, and will probably be 3rd in their division.
Something the Packers didn’t do last year, win close games, uh ohhhh. Rodgers in his 2nd year could be very dangerous for teams.
The Patriots offense looked good but couldn’t score, their defense did not.
The Bills did impress, but I feel like this happened before, yes, 2007 against Dallas: MNF: 24-25, they went 7-9 that season: not good.
The Chargers got outplayed, but pulled the win off, guess their defense still needs some time to gel.
The Raiders came and conquered, unfortunately they lost, if JeMarcus can ever get over his accuracy troubles, they can be decent.

Oh yea, 2-1 on the weekly locks, what the hell Pats?

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