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NBA Celtics

I didn’t want to have to write this post, but I have to.

Why is everyone involved with the NBA, want the Celtics to win? It is confusing, I am kreboppled at this.
The NBA is looking to win back fans, so they put Boston and L.A. in the finals. Okay, fine. I mean all of that was advertised before the playoffs started, and what a surprise, it happened!
Now in the finals they decided to turn off more people. If you aren’t a Boston fan, it is hard to watch the game. In most of the games this series, the calls have not been fair. Game 2: Kobe gets into foul trouble early because of nonsense calls which weren’t fouls (Or wouldn’t have been on Pierce). The amount of free throws that game for the Celtics was ridiculous compared to the Lakers. I know Doc Rivers said they drive the ball more, but come on, that cannot be the only reason. Actually, that is a poor reason.

Anyway I am going to tonight, from which I remember the most. The daunted Boston defense is a bunch of hack machines. I play basketball, and have been considered a hacker by all of my coaches, I know how they play. The Celtics defense is worse than me. None of it is called. Every time the Lakers pulled down a defensive board, a Celtic was there hacking the rebounders arms…and it was never called.
It seems like the announcers are in on it too. “Oh Pierce just overpowers Kobe” -Okay yes he may, however, Pierce grabs and holds Kobe on every opportunity. On the other side Pierce plows through everyone and becomes unstoppable because he never gets called for offensive fouls.

What lead me to write this however was not the play, but the announcers at the end of the game.

They just kept dissing the Lakers. Not to mention they can’t stop talking about Doc Rivers, and never speak of Jackson.
-The Lakers have no chance of winning the series with how they played tonight
-Besides 2 missed Garnett free throws and a Kobe could-have-been-a-foul, steal, the Lakers have no good plays in the 4th quarter
-The Lakers can’t win in Boston with this defense
They continued with commenting the bad Lakers defense on House’s turnaround fade away 3-pointer. Yea, you can do a lot about that.

Seriously, Van Gundy and the rest, get over it, the Lakers won, okay? Give them credit. Horrible announcing.

After reading this no one would think that I actually AM NOT a Lakers fan. I didn’t care who won this series before it started. Now, with the NBA favorite Celtics, I have to go with the Lakers.


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