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2012 Playoffs

Saints (3) > Lions           Packers (1) > Giants        Packers (1) > Saints
Giants (4) > Falcons      Saints (3) > 49ers

Texans (3) > Bengals         Patriots (1) > Steelers       Ravens (2) > Patriots
Steelers (5) > Broncos      Ravens (2) > Texans

Ravens 27 > Packers 23

Yep, there it is.
I just picked Joe Flacco to win a SB over Aaron Rodgers.

When the Ravens play for a win, they win. That’s how it is. Look at the two Steeler wins and then the 49ers. Even Houston they beat pretty easily in Week 6. They lost to TEN, JAX, SEA, SD. They didn’t really have much invested in those games. I mean if they get the Texans in Round 2, that’s game over, then they’ll get PIT or NE. Can be both. Their defense can mess with Brady enough and they can run all day on them. We saw that a few years back when Ray Rice busted through on the first play of the game. Same against the Packers. Ray Rice > Packers/Patriots. Game over.


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Disappointing Week 17 went 2-3

42-41-2 overall.
Needed 51 points for money, I got 43. Easily attainable with some thought.

Not great, but not bad considering I didn’t study and it was my first year trying.
A two-time winner went 40-40-5 if that says anything.

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Week 17

Bummed it last week, 2-3. 40-38-2 overall.

Rams +10.5 here we go again
Vikings -1
Chiefs +3.5
Lions -3.5
Panthers +8.5

5 for the win and 55% ish.

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