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Upset 13

I don’t care what happened Thursday. I am still dedicating this week as Upset Week. Unlucky 13.
I’m just going to start coming out shooting bullets here…

Bengals>Ravens, one of the few home teams I selected
Packers>Panthers, this one shouldn’t be an upset
Saints>Bucs, they are rolling
Falcons<Chargers, Okay I was actually picking the Falcons, then decided the Chargers actually played decent last week Edit: I take that back the Falcons are awesome this season, they may be my Saints
Broncos>Jets, a stunner, but Cutler puts a win on the board
Chiefs>Raiders, Thigpen comes away with his first
Steelers>Patriots, the Patriots defense is not good
Bears>Vikings, Orton is back, and Urlacher will stop AP from getting too many yards
Texans>Jaguars, If Rosenfels throws less than 2 ints

I think that’s a total of 10 upsets…

The Bengals and Broncos seem to be the biggest stretches. Especially the Bengals, wow. Did I really just pick them over the Ravens defense? Hmm…


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Thanksgiving Football

I am just coming out with it.
I am picking the Lions. Wow, right. Wait til you see my picks for Sunday, I think I counted 10 upsets? Well, it was a lot…
What should the score be? 20-19, Lions.

Anyways, Cowboys easy.
Cardinals as the Eagles fall apart.

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If you do, follow yourself. Follow your instinct, your gut feelings. That is what I have learned over the years. If you actually know Fantasy Football, do not waste your time going to other sites and looking for more information on who to start. Maybe as a benchmark, but not to overpower your own decision.

This past weekend, I changed a few of my guys because of a consensus on who I should start. I ended up being right. You get more pissed if you don’t start a guy that you wanted to start, than if you don’t start a guy that someone else said you should start.

Maybe there is a site you can always trust.
Whatever you do, go against yourself.

However, if you know nothing about fantasy football, do not just look at ESPN’s rankings, find a consensus.

Never, let anyone change your mind either…

I’ll be here

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A big game tonight with playoff implications, even though both teams are 5-5.
The NFC is in a very interesting scenario.
As for the AFC, it is a little more shaped up. I still don’t think the Ravens will make it, barring anymore defensive explosions for TDs in the 4th quarter. I’m not sure how many times they’ve done that this year, but it’s a lot. They’re up by a little bit entering the 4th quarter, next thing you know, they are up by 20 and Flacco still has the same stats…

As for tonight’s game.
I do think the Packers will win. Their defense is better, and now their running game is starting to break open. What this means: the Packers have a pretty easy remaining schedule, and it is not a long shot to say they win their last six games. If they lose, they are not out of it, only a five game winning streak. As for the Saints, their road is a little more difficult. A win is huge for them tonight, maybe they show up? If they lose, combined record of 29-15 on remaining schedule, excluding the Lions. A great offense, a bad defense. They are in about the same situation the Chargers were yesterday, except their division is about 10 times better.

There’s my take. Is anyone else pumped for the remainder of the season? A lot of good teams. Only one GREAT team in my eyes, but that may change. Who’s making the final push for playoffs?

Oh yeah, for fun I’ll say…
Packers 34Saints 31

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I like a lot of the match ups this week. Golic stays content with picking the Lions every week.
What interests me is how the computer system ‘Accuscore’ is beating everyone.

I like the Falcons and Chiefs at home (Ryan and Thigpen are here to stay)
Patriots and Eagles (Why are these teams underdogs? Yes, away, but still…)
Jaguars and Titans (AFC South takes the crown)

A very tough SNFG to pick. I can’t stray from the Colts though can I? Honestly, I like the Chargers, they are playing for their season, this loss leaves them at 7. Playing against a team they beat twice last year…It will be really tough for the Colts, coming down to the last possession.
The Packers are a playoff team and they won’t lose on MNF. I like both of these teams, but the better defense will come out on top.

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Playoff Thinking

First off, Wickersham is going upset crazy

Titans, Steelers
Jets vs Patriots
Colts vs Broncos

I can’t believe I just picked the Jets to be in the playoffs. I really want to pick the Chargers…If they beat the Colts this week, replace the Jets with them.

Giants, Packers (If they win this weekend)
Saints vs Cardinals
Cowboys vs Panthers

Panthers schedule is too hard for them to get a bye. The Redskins have an easy sched, they could easily take a spot. Falcons and Bucs both will have trouble finishing the season. The Eagles just can’t do it after not knowing there are ties in football…

The NFC is tough right now, as for the AFC; Ravens, Dolphins, Bills, Jaguars–> I am counting them all out

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Wk Elevn

People, it’s week 11, get stoked, get psyched.

Unfortunately to my demise, the Jets are 7-3, and took out the weak Patriots defense. I still don’t think they will make the playoffs though, losing their next four games. That’s a big stretch, but Shaun Hill will overpower Favre when SF beats them.

For this week, the Falcons, woaaaah! Did anyone see it coming?
It’s a possibility, but the Falcs surprising defense will be too much for Cutler.
Saints-Chiefs will be a 3-point game
You gotta like the Giants over the not for real Ravens offense, look at the Raves 4-game winning streak, tell me which one of those teams is legit? Yeah…
I really wanted to pick the Vikings, actually, I still might…hmm, well the Bucs had a bye last week, so that is my decision, wait, the Vikings will go on a run like they did last year, so yes that’s my final choice
Believe it, first loss for the Titans, my pick is the Jags
Pittsburgh and SD will be a tough game, but the Steelers can’t lose 3 straight
Cowboys just because
The Browns fell apart last week, and the Bills will exploit that

Straight: 91-54
Spread: 80-65

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