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Not My Type

Boston takes it to 3-2.

Surely neither team should have won the game. Boston was horrendous in the 4th quarter and decided to win it by fouling. I know everyone thinks that is the best way to win and may be the easiest. I just feel that you lose respect when you foul the other team instead of letting them take a 3 pointer when you are up by 3. If you were meant to win, then you’ll win. None of this easy way out shit.

The Pistons shouldn’t have won either. They looked terrible numerous times in the game.
Stuckey played the entire 4th quarter I believe. He did have that 3-pointer and some free throws, but I don’t think he needs to play that long. Yes, hamilton got injured and McDyess fouled out. But he was in the game before that happened with about 4minutes left. Still, Maxiell helped a lot to get the Pistons that 8-point lead in the first half. I wonder how many minutes J-Max pulled in the 2nd half, not much I’ll say.
Stuckey is good, but he still looks like Rondo on the offensive end. Only looking to pass most of the time. When he is looking to score, then he goes for it. There’s never a decision between the two, he always has his mind made up when he gets the ball.

It is looking to be everything the NBA has hoped for. Celtics/Lakers.

I mean, is it really okay for the NBA to admit they made a mistake after last night’s game? “Uh yea, I mean that pretty much gives the series to LA with that win, but we will say it was a mistake to make it look better for us” Come on guys, don’t tell us it was a mistake. Just let it go, that just pisses people off more.
And the technical on Sheed tonight. Let’s see a replay on that. Pierce pushes Hunter and then Hunter tries to get around him. Okay, not a foul on Hunter, shouldn’t be a foul on anyone. Wallace had reason to complain, and still it was just an automatic Tech. Just bam for a couple words.

Oh well, in Detroit the papers all believed that the Pistons had the edge because they evened up the series. Some of the worst articles I have ever read. Come on guys, the only time they had an edge was after game 2, never again because the Pistons can’t take advantage, ever.


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East Finals – 1

The Pistons did not play good. Just leave it at that.
Rasheed, learn how to play when you aren’t shooting well. Don’t take half of the teams shots in the 4th quarter when you are shooting 3 for 12. Maybe that was the game plan, but hopefully it wasn’t.

Stuckey, Dice, Prince all did what they had to do. Stuckey was great coming off the bench for Billups who could not do anything right except attract fouls here and there. Dice made shots and got boards. Prince could have picked up his defense, but he was key on offense as well.
Hamilton picked it up in the 2nd half. Billups never did. Sheed never did. Maxiell was not the force he is known to be.
I liked Hunter’s defense, I actually would have chosen him over Billups this game.

The Celtics did everything they needed to do, that’s it. Garnett scored, and played defense. Pierce did everything on the offensive end. Their bench made shots when they had to. Rondo picked pockets like a thief.
Hold on to the ball Detroit.

The Pistons don’t need to be worried by any means since the Celtics can’t win away from home. But, they need to take a game in Boston if they want to win the series. And it will not be like how they played tonight. Need some more heart, pick it up to say the least. Boston is good, but there were too many stupid mistakes by the Pistons tonight.

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Round 2 – Magic

As seen from tonight’s game.
The dunk champion, Dwight Howard is getting calls.
Like Lebron, like Wade.
Not as significant however, for a big man. Not the Shaq type of calls.
But he is getting the ability to throw down players to the ground.
Push anyone out of the way to get a rebound. This may explain his 20 rebs/game.

No one notices that though.

Cheap fouls, sly elbows, most picks are illegal.

I’m sorry, the Pistons are too good for that, and they can deal it.
Goodbye Magic, you’ll need more than Howard and the 3-ball.

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