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I feel like they are begging everyone to pick the underdogs with two 4-point favorites, one of them being on the road.
Although I am going with the two favorites to win, I think they will be close games.

CHI +4, Under 42.5
NYJ +4, Over 38.5



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3-1 Yesterday

SEA +10.5, Over 43.5
NYJ +10, Over 45

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4-4 after wildcard weekend

BAL Win, Over 37.5
GB Win, Over 44.5

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Playoffs Wild Card Day 2

Finished 3-1 after Day 1, although I didn’t post my O/U.
Believe it, don’t believe it.
Saturday: +11 SEA and Over (35-27), -3 IND and Under (24-16)

Sunday: KC +3.5 and Over 40.5 (BAL win 24-21)
GB and Over 46.5 (GB win 34-31)

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Being a Colts fan, here’s my take on their most recent playoff loss:

All right, obviously, a disappointing result.

I’m just gonna come out and say, don’t sit back and blame the refs. I did that a couple years ago when they lost at home to the 8-8 Chargers. It doesn’t make you feel better, get the ‘blame ref syndrome’ out of your system because it happens to everyone.

Instead, look at the Colts. They had at least five third-and-one’s that they did not get. Definitely, a problem. Maybe the first couple to understand the defense, but it shouldn’t keep happening over and over. Then they had some great runs on third and long, but they decided to get greedy against on a third-and-five and that led to a field goal. It was against a different defense, so running it didn’t really make sense.

Then there’s the decision to run the clock out before the first half ends. Up 7-0, with Manning, the Jets are getting the ball to start the 2nd. Fellas. A FG is easily within reach yet you think you have a good enough lead? Poor.

Now, we’re on the last drive. We have plenty of time, why are we rushing to get a play off? I feel like all the fans know Peyton will drive down the field and get into scoring position. Why are you running a play before the 2 minute warning when it isn’t needed on 1st and 10? Why are you running a play on the Jets 40 while the clock is running with 30 seconds left on the play clock, at about the 1:50 mark? Run the clock some, you need to rush it. Those two plays would have pushed the time left to about 20-30 if the same events occurred.

Then I’m pretty sure Blair White didn’t run the right route on the last play before the FG. Save that for another time. I wouldn’t have been mad with a run right there, force the Jets to use a timeout, but obviously you can’t foresee them not getting it. I actually would have loved a route to Reggie right there. Thrown at only once. I know Revis is good, but Peyton didn’t really look at Reggie at all.

Then you have the Colts last timeout used with about 30 seconds left. Inexplanible. Giving the Jets more time, and basically doing nothing for the Colts. I wonder what Caldwell will say about that. I doubted a lot of the things he did last year in the Super Bowl and I’ll doubt that TO. Still, can’t blame the game on that.

Instead, we sit here with another loss. Manning 9-10 in the playoffs. I think 1-6 now in first round games. Nine straight playoff appearances, but only two SB appearances, and one win.

Obviously, disappointing. I feel the worst for Peyton because he’s getting older. Still, the Jets came out and dominated the second half. We barely got the ball. They pounded it and barely had to pass. And our corners couldn’t really do anything. If Sanchez was better than terrible this would have been a higher scoring game because we couldn’t stop them.

But one thing I have noticed all season is that the Colts are playing worse in the second half of games. On offense mainly. Three FGs? Yeah, they moved the ball, but TDs are important. It always seemed that Peyton had a tough time getting points in the second half of games often this season. Coaching maybe?

Enough of that though. We’re all disappointed and sad. Just another playoff game to get out of our system. Let’s look at the team we brought to the field.

Defense: Conner and Angerer, two rookie LBs doing work. They missed tackles here and there and made mistakes, but overall looked great. Hayden, Powers, Bullitt, Sanders and more, are all gone. We had to go in with Tryon and Lacey as two starting CBs. Plus, Francisco got hurt and we had to bring in Hamlin who has been on the team for about two weeks. Then Antonio Johnson was out on the DL. Honestly, those guys played a great game. Although, it wasn’t enough, we have a good future if we have some of these guys on the second team next season.

Offense: With Diem out, it hurt a bit since Linchenbach is not really a fan of many. Had some good runs and had mostly great pass protection. Tamme and White played well, but with Clark and Collie in there, I feel like there would be no game-winning FGs. A couple bad routes and bad blocking by Tamme changed a lot of things.

Those are my first thoughts. If anyone actually made it through this entire ramble, feel free to comment. Do you agree with me or not?

I’m seeing too many people writing about the refs. Come on, we’re better than that.

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Regular Season: 29-17-2 – 64.6% (Missed Week 17)

The Super Contest winner finished 54-29-2 – 65.8%
Bill Simmons (16th overall) 50-32-3 – 62.3%

Obviously a little different since they had five picks per week. Nevertheless, a good season for me.

SEA +11
IND -3

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