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Playoffs are Ripoffs

Okay so, read this article. I don’t read this guy’s stuff often, but this actually makes sense.
Something has seemed wrong with the playoffs the past couple of weeks, but I never thought to change it. I figured the divisions and conferences were a great idea, and sensible to say the least. After reading this though, seeding is a GREAT idea!
Look at this:
“Byes: Titans, Giants, Steelers, Panthers. First round: Jets, Bears or Bucs at Colts, Cowboys at Pats, Ravens at Falcons, Vikings at Dolphins”
-This is if the season ended today.
All of those games are smart and good games. But now we have the Cardinals getting blown out by playoff competition automatically in.
I like his idea, however, I think there still has to be conferences. That is what gives the Super Bowl. It would be too weird if teams like the Colts and Titans played each other in the Super Bowl. I think there should be seeds, just in each conference, not combining.

Check it:
NFC: Byes: Panthers, Giants  – Vikings @ Falcons / Bucs @ Cowboys
AFC: Byes: Titans, Steelers    – Pats @ Colts / Dolphins @ Ravens

Maybe even adding another team and giving only one team a bye. That would add the Jets and Bears at 9-6.

But hey, this guy is right. Good article. Something is wrong, and it needs to be changed.


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Counting Down

Championship week in most fantasy leagues. Two more weeks of regular season, though. Unfortunate?
Yes, it has gone by too fast.

The Ravens really surprised last night. I don’t have much to say about the Cowboys giving up those two 70+ yard runs at the end, just bad.

From my standpoint, not many upsets to expect in Week 16. Some good games though.
Bengals, Lions, Falcons
Those are my upsets.
The Vikings have probably been my worst predicted team this year. Hopefully not this week. The Falcons are good.
Redskins can pull an upset this week, if they play right (Not like last week).
Steelers, Giants, Bears
Out of these, the Titans have the best chance of an upset.

Rams and Seahawks could play stealers. If the Jets lose this one, they do not deserve anything that people have rewarded them with this year.

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Is the Pro Bowl overrated?

After skimming the rosters for the Pro Bowl, I am dumbfounded by some players. Namely:

BRETT FAVRE. Really? Do we have to do this, to make him think that he is better than he is, or what?
Please, look at the stats. In the AFC, 7th in yards and rating, 4th in TDs, most INTs.
Compare to Philip Rivers who is having a GREAT year. The ONLY person with a QB rating over 100 in the LEAGUE, in the league people! And he is not in the Pro Bowl. That is bull shit. You cannot tell me Brett Favre with a rating 15 under Rivers should be in it. I don’t care what their teams’ record is. The Chargers defense is worse than the Jets. I am sorry Philip Rivers. I am not that big of fan of him or his team, but come ON. First time in NFL history where a QB with over 100 rating does not make the Pro Bowl. That is bull shit and everyone knows Favre should not be there.
Please don’t help Brett Favre out anymore. This is something he doesn’t deserve.

Other things.
I am a Colts fan, but Freeney and Mathis. I’ve seen every game. Mathis should get the start over Freeney, and there has to be DEs that have put up better stats than Freeney.
If  Chris Johnson  made it, then why didn’t Steve Slaton. They almost have exact stats and Slaton has been the only real RB in Houston while CJ has Lendal White there.
Ronnie Brown?! Why? Because he gets 4 TDs in one game? Almost half his total. Bull shit.
Marshawn Lynch? Slaton? No…hmm

A case can be made for DeAngelo Williams, but look who is above him, yeah…
Eli Manning is someone I won’t complain about. I know his stats aren’t great, but look at what he’s done this year. No one expected it. And he’s lead his team. Plus there is not another standout QB to pick over him like Rivers over Favre.
Calvin Johnson is probably the 5th WR, tough call.

Those are just my first thoughts.

Again…Brett Favre?
Dude, just stop playing.
The Jets would have been better WITH CHAD PENNINGTON!
I just said it.
Take away at least seven interceptions because Pennington is just smarter.
I think it’s a legit remark.

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It’s time for playoff predictions.

NFC;                      Teams that are on the edge;
NYG (13-3)        ATL (11-5)
CAR (11-5)        PHI (9-6-1)
ARI (10-6)        WAS (9-7)
CHI (10-6)         MIN (9-7)
DAL (11-5)
TB (11-5)

AFC;                    On the verge;
TEN (13-3)        MIA (10-6)
PIT (12-4)          BAL (10-6)
NYJ (11-5)
DEN (10-6)
IND (12-4)
NE (11-5)

I did not look very close into the tiebreakers…Just a quick glance into the future.

Falcons, Dolphins, Chargers

Now for bigger games;

Texans – at home, the Texans keep impressing
Cardinals – Depending on how much their defense can hold up, Warner should provide the win
Panthers – Their run game will control, everything
Steelers – Can the Ravens win a big game? I don’t think so
Cowboys The Boys get it done at home, they aren’t done yet

And yes, the championship game of my life.
Colts-Lions. Unfortunately, this year I don’t really need to say what I think will happen in this game…

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Three more

I tried to tell Wickersham that the Jets were going to lose to the 49ers, two straight. Didn’t listen.

Broncos and 49ers, I got both. After that Titans win, everyone wanted to jump their bandwagon. Up to #3 in ESPN’s rankings, numerous people picking them for the SuperBowl. When will people figure out that the Jets are overrated.

I always like looking back at preseason rankings. Right off that bat, Chargers-Jaguars-Packers-Seahawks-Browns all in the top 10, now with losing records. #32? Yeah, the Falcons.
Anyways, I’ll give my current top 16, and this does not mean who I think will make the playoffs.

1. Giants 2. Titans 3. Colts 4. Steelers 5. Panthers 6. Cowboys 7. Bucs 8. Ravens 9. Falcons 10. Patriots 11. Eagles 12. Cardinals 13. Dolphins 14. Broncos 15. Jets 16. Chargers

Yes, I am picking the Falcons that high. Matt Ryan and Michael Turner can supply and their defense is not half bad.

Start of Week 15, Saints @ Chicago.
That’s tough, I like both of these teams. However, the Saints have won ONE away game this year, and that was against the Chiefs. That’s bad. Now at Soldier Field? Reggie Bush is back, but can the offense do all of the work. Will the Saints defense be able to stop Orton and Forte? I don’t think so.
The Bears defense does have flaws which have been shown throughout the year.
This is a very hard decision, but I am going with the Bears. 31-27
I hate picking games like this…

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Interestingly there were many upsets last week. Not including the Thanksgiving games and Night games, there was only one game won at Home. ONE!
This week- Exactly the opposite.
There’s a few quality games. I am busting out with huge upsets.

49ers and Lions – I don’t even have to mention their opponents.
Giants – gots to
Saints – Even though the Falcons are quality, I think they lose this, but win the rest
Bills – Everyone is picking the Dolphins, so here is a mini upset, even though the Buffs are losing it
Steelers – Okay, Barbarian is out, Steelers are at home, I think the Cowboys are a better team, but they lose this
Redskins – I don’t like the Ravens, and the Skins have been bad lately, but Cam

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