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The heading on ESPN, has it all.

“The Sports Guy hopes someday yet, the NBA will begin its liveliness again. For now, inconsistent officiating and stagnant offenses are killing what could be the best playoffs in years”

Bill Simmons, at it again.

Don’t even have to read it to know what it’s all about. Terrible officiating. If you’ve seen any of the Conference Final games, you know.

So, the Magic up 3-1, can they pull it out? Yes, they should be able to. It has looked like Lebron keeps slowing up late in the game, that is why the Magic have taken the last two. The Lakers have been doing the opposite, being outplayed for most of the game, then turning it on late in the game, typical Kobe.

The Lakers are the better team, but the Nuggets have been outplaying them pretty consistently. I can see this series easily going to 7, but with the Lakers pulling it out.
As for the Magic, I would love to see them go 4-1, but I don’t think Cleveland will allow that at home. 4-2 Magic.

The Conference Finals have been awesome to watch so far (excluding terrible refeering), hopefully it gets better.

NFL is about to start up again with predictions. I’ll bring my Rankings and throw in some fantasy thoughts, as well in the upcoming months.


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Chauncey Chaunce…

I just read this article.


The Pistons ruined themselves, I mean I don’t know how much of that article is true, but…

I take it as everyone was pissed about Chauncey leaving, Rip took it the hardest and didn’t want to play in Detroit. Interesting. It wasn’t Iverson’s fault. Everyone just loved Chauncey so much they couldn’t play without him. So it had nothing to do with their skills, just their love.

Who’s gone next year? Rasheed, Iverson, now I have to say Hamilton, maybe even Prince.

They need something else…

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Brett, Don’t

Don’t do it Brett! Remember what happened at the end of last year? You lost the Jets the playoffs! How many 3 interception games can a QB have at the end of the year and have it not be his fault? Exactly, you’re done, everyone is fed up with you except the media. Be gone with. The Vikings are a playoff team, if you ruin their chances, your legacy will be how many teams you ruined.
But seriously, stop coming back, it needs to stop for the good of the world.

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