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The Hornets just lost 63-121, come ON! That is worse than the Pistons getting swept. Worse than Tayshaun, Sheed, and Hamilton playing like 2nd/3rd stringers. Worse than that!? Yes, it is the playoffs, at least someone on the team has to try…


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Okay, Pistons…

All right, before I talk about the Pistons. The 76ers are ahead 2-1 against the Magic. Doesn’t everyone just want to play the Magic in the playoffs? Really? If they cannot pull out this series, Dwight Howard won’t be too happy anymore, even after his dominace (36-11 performance tonight), his team needs to step it up around him.

Anyway, I’m going to complain, but, no excuses…

The refs are terrible. They made terrible calls against the Pistons then decided to make up for it with poor calls against the Cavs that didn’t have an effect on the game. It was an overall bad referee performance. Toward the end of the game, mainly just bad toward the Pistons. The same drives and the same fouls but were only called against the Pistons. Way too many And-1’s, that shouldn’t have been.
Enough of the refs…

Pistons starters? Nope. Tayshaun Prince – Olympic team? That’s weird.
Tayshaun and Sheed disappointed me greatly. Stuckey can’t shoot, and turned it over too often. Rip has seen better days. McDyess lost his touch that he had earlier in the season, the boards aren’t coming as easily.
Brown, Bynum, Afflalo – all played good minutes. Bynum gave a spark, Brown was a force (except when he got pissed, but it was for good reason), and Afflalo taking Lebron 1v1 to the hole – ENOUGH SAID.

Tayshaun was the problem. Rasheed was the problem. These guys did not deserve their 4th quarter minutes. Curry?
Get Maxiell out there as well. Prince and Wallace did not need to be out there 30 minutes a piece with the way they were playing and have been playing. That’s why you lose. 53-53, and they fall apart.

I don’t know, it’s done with. They will keep Curry which is disappointing. I wonder what the team will look like next year.

Oh yeah…

Lebron- Get over yourself

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