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Pick Four

This week includes a lot of lopsided games, more than usual. Maybe there will be another Fins>Pats type game or Bengals pushing the Giants to their limit game.
What is interesting is that the Browns @ Bengals is the hardest game to predict this week. Two 0-3 teams, no one knows which team will show up. The Bengals showed life last week, and the Browns have not faced a weak defense.
For upsets, I am going with the Vikings and Cardinals.
The Titans game is based off the run, and that’s what Minnesota stops the best.
I don’t really like the Jets, and I think Warner can carve them up just as Rivers did last week.
I see that many people are picking the Bucs, but I am taking Rodgers and the Packers for this one. The Bucs still have a little ways to go, well, more than the Packers to reach potential.
The Eagles will take the night game over the Bears. The Eagles offense has enough to overpower the Bears, and the Bears offense won’t have enough for the Eagles defense. It is in Chicago though…
And I do like the Steelers very much winning at home, against the Ravens. People think the Ravens are better than they are. Cleveland and Cincy at home? Yeah, real good wins…

As for, yes, the “Game of the Week”, Browns @ Bengals:
The Bengals offense got out of their hump last week, and this week is the Browns chance. I am picking the Browns because of Romeo Crennel, and the Bengals defense is worse than the Browns. Maybe…

Let’s hope it’s a good one


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So last week was full of favorites winning, not counting the Dolphins.
Even with my terrible record of 9-7 last week in Pick ‘Em, I still match up with the tops at ESPN at 32-15. I guess I shouldn’t have been so upset happy last week.

Anyways, I am going to stand out and say the Titans are not as good as everyone thinks. Their defense isn’t as good as the Ravens was or that game changing. Sorry Titans. Okay, Jacksonville was a pretty legit win, but Cincy and Houston? With the way those teams have been playing…
They won’t be a top 10 by the team the year is done.

With a win this week, the Steelers have their division locked up.
The AFC South is still a mess, but of course I like the Colts. The Broncos have a good chance of taking over the West from the Chargers, and the Bills seem to be the front runners out east.
Meanwhile in the NFC, I really like the Cardinals winning the West. The Packers and Cowboys take control, Los Vaqueros will have a tougher time with that, considering the East is very very good.
An interesting division is the NFC South in which no one is keeping an eye on. Three teams at 2-1, and the Saints at 1-2. I think it’s between the Panthers and the Saints. The Saints were my early season favorite, but I really like the Panthers, and I will have to pick the Panthers, solely because the Saints defense is  terrible again.

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Week 3, Please

ESPN Expert Picks are slowly becoming very illegitimate.

Across the board: Falcons, Titans, 49ers, Broncos
Are these teams that good? No matter the opponents, the first three teams I listed should not be guarantees. I know their opponents aren’t the best, but really? Matt Ryan could not complete a pass last week, the Titans team is always a question and the 49ers have a win against the disgusting Seahawks. I understand the Broncos, but it’s not like their defense is good.
Anyways, here are my upsets/close game picks.

Put the Panthers on the board for a W
Chalk it up for the Cards
Eagles > Steels
Brownies > Ravens
Colts 24 – Jags 20
the Boys > the Pack, I just don’t think the Packers have enough defense to pull this one out
Chargers > Jets, I am not a person who believes the Jets are good/will make it to the playoffs

Two playoff teams at the beginning of the year could both turn 0-3. I think it will happen.
The Vikings have had a tough schedule, but let one slip away. The Jaguars have lost straight up to teams they probably should have won against.
The Bears/Bucs are fighting for a wild card spot. I like the Bears defense better.
Not as many great games this week, but there are some sparks in the 4pm and night games.

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The Bat’s Ranks

ESPN – Steelers at 2, Packers at 4
Dr. Z
– Patriots at 2, Titans at 7
– Giants at 1, Panthers at 4

1. Cowboys – Defense better improve first
2. Giants – So far the most consistent, except weak opponents
3. Steelers – Defense is back to old ways, but offense faltered a little against CLE
4. Eagles – Offense is a top, and defense can be better
5. Patriots – Offensive prowess is not there, but their defense is picking it up
6. Colts – Peyton is back, but defense is still in question
7. Packers – We’ll see how Rodgers can handle a team with wins
8. Broncos – Cutler and Marshall are a force, and their defense is improved
9. Chargers – Remember the 1-3 start last season including a loss to the Chiefs?…yea
10. Bills – A great start with a weak schedule to come
11. Panthers – Smith is back, and that can only mean an improvement
12. Titans – Surprising start, the offense will have to pick it up for them to compete with higher teams
13. Cardinals – They actually have a defense
14. Saints – They don’t have a defense…still
15. Bears – Mistake free football from Orton is all they need
16. Bucs – Same team as last year
17. Jaguars
18. Vikings
19. Browns
20. Jets
21. Redskins
22. Texans
23. Ravens
24. Seahawks
25. 49ers
26. Seahawks
27. Bengals
28. Raiders
29. Lions
30. Dolphins
31. Chiefs
32. Rams

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I don’t quite understand Dr. Z’s theories. Look at his power rankings, and that should explain it.
Dropping the Chargers and Colts to 15-16, while putting the Ravens above each of them? It has only been week one, those rankings are almost a joke, I don’t get how he is the head predictor at SI, it vexes me.

ESPN’s rankings look a little better, or a little better, I agree with most of those picks.

Okay, so week Two. There are some great games this week, really good for so early in the season. I am going to predict these great games, something that I am scared of doing.

CAR > CHI – Carolina is Chicago, but with a more potent offense.
JAX > BUF – Buffalo is good, but Jacksonville is better at home.
NE > NYJ – I hate the Patriots, but you can’t forget about the rest of their team.
SD > DEN – The Broncos offense has the ability to pull off an upset, especially at home, but the Chargers will turn up the heat.
DAL > PHI – The Cowboys offense has more power on offense, but McNabb can be the x-factor.

Titans, Saints, and 49ers all with the win. Not entirely sure how the Seahawks are seven point favorites, but maybe they will show us why today.
It will be a close game in Minnesota if Indy does not start playing like they know how.
Lions? No…I chose the Packers.

In Fantasy, I like the Mannings, Kerry Collins to pull out a win, and Phil Rivers to put some nice stats on the board.
Willie Parker will shine as Big Ben has a sore shoulder, Portis, Gore, and Larry Johnson should all have running room.
Plax will get free points, Moss is a big target, Santana Moss will find some seams, and Brandon Marshall is back.

But seriously, there were too many key injuries in week One.

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Can’t Be Disappointed

Well, I never thought I would be dropping Tom Brady from my fantasy teams after Week 1.

There were some good games, and some bad ones.

Impressive: Panthers, Bears, Cardinals, Eagles, Titans, Bills, Falcons
Disappointing: Browns, Texans, Jaguars, Seahawks, Bengals, Lions, Colts (eh maybe)

With the Patriots down, this is a good outlook.
Aaron Rodgers played just like I thought he would, respectable. The Packers will still be a playoff team in the NFC.
Division Winners:
NFC: Packers, Saints, Cardinals, Cowboys
AFC: Colts, Steelers, Bills, Chargers

Wild Card will be very interesting, but I like: Panthers, Giants – the Eagles will be near.
Jaguars and Titans again, I just don’t see anyone else in this spot with the way the Browns played in Week 1.

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It’s been seven long months since we have last seen a game, with meaning. The time is now.
Are you ready for this? Is everyone ready for this?
To tell the truth, I am not ready yet. I need more preparation. I have been overloaded with business the past couple of weeks. But, I will gladly accept the start of the year, the season, a new life.

In my last post, I gave my random predictions, let’s just start with the first game now.

Two very unpredictable teams. I’ll say it right now, I am not betting on this game. There is too much doubt involved.

The Skins, a decent team, a decent defense and offense. A bad thing, they were not clicking at all during preseason (not saying it means a lot, BUT). A 47-3 loss? I mean, I don’t care what season it is, that cannot happen. An embarrassment in preseason. Minus those bad happenings, they should be contending for a playoff position. Campbell is improved, Portis and Betts are very good backs, Cooley is a player, Moss and Randel El can get the job done. The O Line needs some work though. Their defense is usually the key to their team and with the addition of Taylor should improve. A quality team, but who shows up in week one?

The Giants, Superbowl champs, yes. Losing their top two defensive linemen, not good at all. This may have a huge impact on their strategy. Their offense is basically the same as the end of last season. Quality all around. Their backfield is stacked, it looks like Eli may have a handle of how to run things (we shall see), their WR have a little depth with Plax leading the way, of course the Boss, and Snee/O’Hara leading the front line. The defense will have to pick it up after their losses. Veteran presence with Knight, McQuarters, and Madison, none of whom are in the starting four. Quality, but can they bring what they brought last year?

So much doubt in these teams.
I want to pick the Redskins. BUT, Giants at home, Superbowl Champs, Eli Manning.
The G-Men offense should put at least 20 on the board while holding the Skins to a little under 20.

Giants 23 > Redskins 17.

This is it, Welcome.

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