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Even after the summer of Favre. He was everywhere, everyday on the media. Bashing his former team after retiring. Telling everyone he was the man, and the Packers needed to realize that.
Now he is a team player on the Jets.
Big surprise buddy.

Unfortunately, everyone in the media believes Favre will turn the Jets into a playoff team. Really? Just like that. I mean, it is not like the AFC already has a plethora of quality teams. This is not the NFC where teams with 9-7 records win divisions. No, no, no!

Even my favorite ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth believes it. Such a shame…

So, why don’t I think it can happen?

Well, they did have a lot of close games last year, even with 12 losses. They did pick up two quality guards. They do have a better QB. And I just remembered they still have Tony Richardson. Quality.
Their offense is not that bad. Favre, Coles, Cotchery, Jones, Washington.
Their defense is less than average. But can they click, can they put everything together?
I believe at most they can get 8 wins. I would say 6 wins plus/minus 2.
Remember two teams fought for wild card spots with 10-6 records last year. Their schedule is pretty simple though.
Let’s say. Miami is two free wins. SF, STL, OAK, KC are all wins. They go 1 and 1 with Buffalo. Arizona and Cincy are possibilities. That is 9 wins. Still not enough for a wild card.
And still that is going off last years teams. All of these teams have improved (maybe not the Dolphins as much, but if Pennington plays he will win), not just the Jets. So they win half of those, that is 5.
This is all rough estimating. Favre isn’t running the same type of offense. The defense is not as good as GB’s was. Favre is a gunslinger!
I could explain more, but there is no point. It’s simple.

The Jets will not reach the playoffs, I’m sorry…everyone.


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