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After the first four weeks, this could be one of the most confusing starts to an NFL season ever. Can we even predict who will make the playoffs in the AFC right now? What about to win the NFC East or West? It’s a complete mess, but here are my 12 predictions for the playoffs. I won’t give the classic so-called power rankings that everyone compiles. It will be six from the NFC and six from the AFC.

Obviously, many things can change. Here are the seeds.

1. Saints
2. Packers
3. Cowboys
4. 49ers
5. Falcons
6. Vikings

Saints have a ridiculously easy schedule. Falcons could have 2nd best record in NFC. Cowboys are the best team in their division, don’t care what records are right now. Same with the 49ers. Vikings and Bears will be a tight one, but I think Vikes pull it out late in season with easier schedule.

1. Chargers
2. Ravens
3. Patriots
4. Colts
5. Steelers
6. Texans

Chargers have easiest schedule, as do the  Ravens. Patriots should be able to sweep rest of division games, same with the Colts. Both have their away games gone against harder teams (except for Colts @ Titans). Colts November schedule is brutal, but I’ll still take them. If the Texans stay healthy, I think they can take out the Jets in Week 11, but that is a stretch. Very difficult as I left off the Bengals, Jets and the 3-0 Chiefs.


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NFL 09 Predictions: A Look Back

Here’s what I had, division by division. And a few other things.

Mainly, I didn’t like the Jets, Broncos, or Cowboys very much. I’m one of the few people that picked the Jaguars to be last in the division. I only guessed three records perfectly (Texans, Packers, Panthers), but was 1/2 off on many. I liked the Bengals a lot, but not enough to get them to the playoffs.
8/12 playoff picks right (missed the Cowboys, Vikings, Bengals, Jets). I hated/hate Brett Favre too much to ever predict him to do well. Also, one of the few who didn’t pick the Bears to go to the playoffs.

Ended up in the 98 percentile on ESPN for spread pick ’em, if that says anything about the locks I was giving out. Pretty legit, right?

Anyways it’s basketball season, I’ll be around for March Madness and the NBA Playoffs, but still will post about the NFL.

Oh yeah, you can find me at RotoExperts.com or @azdroik

Keep it real.

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Not Bad?

All right, last week. I went 25-5 on spreads and over/under. That is ridiculous.
Overall on season locks 5-1. Same percentage, I can deal.

I used to have a little more respect for NFP, but what the hell is this guy doing on there?

I didn’t review last weeks games, but I’ll look over them and give my thoughts, I’ll maybe do something different tomorrow…

The Patriots and Packers (my SB predictions) disappointed me, the Vikings still aren’t that good, the 49ers are still showing everyone what’s up (and I think it may continue in Week 3), the Ravens are a good team, and the Colts are just ridiculous.
Other than that, everything is still the same.

I still hate NFL power rankings done weekly on ESPN and other sites, not even going to waste my time and link to them because they suck. I don’t know, it’s just hard to agree with any of them. Ohm the Steelers have been #1 on your site for about 10 months now, and lose one close game and now are #10? Uh, nice.

Keyshawn Johnson was 7-9 last week on picks? Dude, seriously. Mortensen is just killing it right now. I’m sitting comfy with a healthy 24-8 on regular, and 22-10 on spread. Prettttttttttttay good.
The trend is constantly different between the NFL Countdown team and the ESPN Experts, and I DO NOT get it. Countdown is heavy on the Jets and Cardinals, while the experts are all big on the Chargers.

Anyways, RotoExperts, for all your fantasy needs. 10am-1pm = live chat for FREE with advice. I’ll be floating around there, so hit it up.

Locks tomorrow, and you better fucking listen. Hah…

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Yes, It Will Happen

Yes! I’ll go real life, and then maybe do some fantasy.

The AFC East will be the opposite of last season, (Jets and Dolphins both with losing records…at least)
The Bengals will beat the Brown, twice.
The Colts regain their status in the AFC South.
The Raiders will impress everyone but me, 2nd place in AFC West.
Redskins have a better record than Cowboys, AND the Giants don’t win the NFC East.
The Vikings will not be as good as people think…with Favre at QB at least.
The Saints win more than home games (against division foes) this year.
The Cardinals aren’t that good…but neither is anyone in their division. Seattle tries, and gets verrrry close.

Carson Palmer is baaaaaaaack.
JeMarcus Russel impresses, and so will their ground game.
The Colts do not decline.
The Steelers have an easy schedule, and they will be a top seed.
The Ravens are back in the playoffs as Flacco is better with D Mase.
Adrian Peterson and/or Drew Brees will get hurt for a little bit, ahhaa.
The Jets offense is terrible as Mark Sanchez doesn’t play as good as the “experts” think he will.
I love the Texans, as I have the past 2 years, but so does everyone else so it’s not that big.
Stafford has a decent year with Megatron, and Kevin both having good years.
The Panthers will fall and Eli Manning will not be worth all that money.

More to come…

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We’re here. Unbelievably, already.
I have changed my mind about everyday on these wild card match ups. There are some tough choices.

I ran across this on ESPN, by the Football Scientist. Hmm…
Okay, I get where he is coming from with the statistics and everything, BUT…
The Steelers and Ravens ranked below seven other teams?  The two BEST defenses in the league. When everyone preaches defense wins championships. This is considered a logical ranking system?
I understand the theory, I just don’t see why he is backing it up.

Experts: ESPN, CBS. Couldn’t find any others for some reason.
Based off of ESPN’s, the Falcons/Cardinals game is the game everyone is doubting.
Cardinals and Colts.

I know the Cardinals have been horrible lately, but most of the blowouts tended to be away from home. On the other hand, the Falcons have 4 of their 5 losses away from home. Matt Ryan has trouble away from home, which leads to Michael Turner trouble as well.
The Cardinals have a great offense, but their defense has been…not good.
The Cards will surprise some people, and get off their asses to pull out a win, as their defense makes some noise.
Falcons 23 – Cardinals 30

I believe the best playoff game will be the Colts/Chargers. The Chargers always play well against the Colts, no matter how their season is going. The Colts won earlier in the last second, while the Chargers have won the previous few contests. LT and Gates are questionable. Same as last year. Result? Not the same. The Colts are confident with nine straight, they won’t let a bye week get the best of them this year. Colts 27 – Chargers 21

Ravens > Titans / Colts > Steelers         // Colts > Ravens
Giants > Cardinals / Panthers > Eagles  // Panthers > Giants
(I still might pick the Vikings, however)

Colts > Panthers

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Wk Elevn

People, it’s week 11, get stoked, get psyched.

Unfortunately to my demise, the Jets are 7-3, and took out the weak Patriots defense. I still don’t think they will make the playoffs though, losing their next four games. That’s a big stretch, but Shaun Hill will overpower Favre when SF beats them.

For this week, the Falcons, woaaaah! Did anyone see it coming?
It’s a possibility, but the Falcs surprising defense will be too much for Cutler.
Saints-Chiefs will be a 3-point game
You gotta like the Giants over the not for real Ravens offense, look at the Raves 4-game winning streak, tell me which one of those teams is legit? Yeah…
I really wanted to pick the Vikings, actually, I still might…hmm, well the Bucs had a bye last week, so that is my decision, wait, the Vikings will go on a run like they did last year, so yes that’s my final choice
Believe it, first loss for the Titans, my pick is the Jags
Pittsburgh and SD will be a tough game, but the Steelers can’t lose 3 straight
Cowboys just because
The Browns fell apart last week, and the Bills will exploit that

Straight: 91-54
Spread: 80-65

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9 Rivalries

Ay mates. Time to focus, can’t believe the season is already half way over with. Why does it go by so fast?!
How about Mike Singletary, will he actually get anything going for the 49ers? Or will it just be media candy?

Some interesting games this weekend if you like picking upsets. There are loads of ’em.
Let’s start if off with the Browns > Ravens.
Packers > Titans
I really want to pick the Rams, but I think the Arizona passing game will be too much, Cardinals
Texans > Vikings
Falcons > Raiders
Colts > Patriots
Redskins > Steelers

In truth, I haven’t looked at the lines yet for the games. If Colts are underdogs, you gotta bet that game. I really think the Colts will control. I know the Texans are underdogs, but these teams have been playing pretty evenly as of late, and if they can limit AP just a bit, they will find a way to win with Schaub. Packers of course are underdogs. The Titans did prove a lot last week, but can they keep that high going against Rodgers? If the Pack don’t have any turnovers, it’s their game to win.
Redskins and Steelers will be interesting, but I think Jason Campbell might be better than Big Ben.

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