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8 is Great

All right, time for some teams to start making playoff runs, or try to (Lions).

Let’s start with Pitt and Cin. The Bengals still have not looked very good at all. If they can’t get anything going, is that it for the Marvin? Well this game could mean in/out for the Bengals playoff hopes. After they lost to the Broncos last week, the Steelers are wanting to get off the losing side. Who will pull through? Will it be the Bengals defense, or the Pittsburgh defense. The game lies on the defenses. Cincy has been horrible, while Pittsburgh has never really been able to contain the Bungles. Even though I don’t have much faith in the Cincy defense right now, I am throwing them on the Upset List.
COLTS>Panthers, the Panthers don’t have anything impressive, Testy is conservative, which is an advantage over the Colts. But it’s the Colts we’re talking about.
Titans 8 point favorites? Not until their offense shows up. This will be a close game.

QuinnGray vs. the BUCS, I saw him play against the Colts, and he could NOT throw the ball, hopefully he improves or this will be out of hand.
Jets, Bills…ehhh. The Bills are playing better right now, but Pennington has one more chance to prove him self, and it’s in the Meadowlands. So I give it to J E T S.
49ERS>Saints, please people, the Saints are not back and they won’t be for the rest of the year.
BRONCOS>Packers, the Broncos picked it up last week, and they will pick it up again this week. Back to back Sun-Mon night home games, weird. It will be close though, PLUS Packers are coming off a bye. So either way, someone is winning by a field goal.

And Lions, hmm. After the Bears their schedule is rough. If they can’t pull through with this, the playoffs will be a stretch. It is in Chicago, against Lovie, and the Lions got the best of them last time. I like the BEARS. If the Lions win though, they’re showing something, after getting ridiculed for the gatorade celebration and all.

Seems like a boring week to me. Wait, no week is ever boring in the NFL.


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Let’s Rank It

1. Patriots – yea…
2. Colts – Defense a lot better than people thought they would be.
It drops off a little bit from here…
3. Cowboys – If their defense doesn’t get better, they will drop.
4. Giants – Yes, they have improved this much since that Packers game.
5. Chargers – I’m not sure what happened in their losses, but their form from last year is starting to take shape.
6. Steelers – It’s not the fact they lost, their defense was not the same defense we had seen in previous games.
7. Packers – Find a running game or…Well, I guess there isn’t much competition here.
8. Redskins – If their offense can show some life like they did in the Lions game, they came make something of the season.
9. Titans – I just like these guys over the Jaguars. Their offense has dropped, but their defense will always be there, the Texans 36 points was a rarity.
If this went by predicting best records, I would put the Seahawks here, considering their schedule is ridiculously easy.
However, it does not.
10. Chiefs – Yes, Herm is starting to bring these guys to life on both sides of the ball. Too bad they have one of the, if not hardest schedule remaining. They will probably not make the playoffs, but will be a tough competitor.

I’ll give the next two spots to the Lions and Browns. I think the Browns are better than what people think. The Lions are too unpredictable to place in the top 10.
If the Bengals can take a win from Pittsburgh this weekend, look for them to make a run to the playoffs. However, they have not been playing too great. So check out one of the Games of the Week.
The Bucs will win their division. The Panthers will lose their next 2 games. Actually let’s look at their 4 previous wins. (Rams, Falcons, Saints, Cardinals) Yea, good wins, especially against Tim Rattay.
The next 6 games for the Ravens all could be possible losses, they better pick it up, fast.

Get ready for 8.

Bengals/Steelers. Redskins/Patriots. Packers/Broncos.

And oh yea… Lions/Bears………….Hmmmmm

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Monday Night Colts

After the predictable weekend, how will Monday Night turnout?

I guess my thoughts on Tony Dungy’s products turned out well, with the Chiefs and Bears both pulling upsets.
I feel the Saints got lucky in their win, so check back next week because people think they are as good as last year’s team. The Bengals are still troubled, their defense cannot seem to stop anything. Titans almost lost it, but knows how to win. And look at the Lions, pulling out the win without the help of their passing game, who would’ve thought? Yes, we knew the Bills would beat the overrated Ravens. The Patriots are ridiculous, and Tom Brady should be illegal in fantasy football leagues. The Giants bringing back the theme from last year with “ballin”. The Redskins gave up a little bit, but held. I still don’t think the Cowboys are that great, their pass defense did stop Jackson pretty well, however, it was Tarvaris Jackson that they stopped. Who knows what to think of the Seahawks?
You could just see the Broncos pulling out that win like I said they had a good chance too.
And, if the Colts win tonight I can pull a straight 14-0 on my ESPN picks, I wish I could pick that good on the line…

If this was any other team, I would give the Jaguars the benefit, for playing a MNF game at home. But this is the Colts, the Superbowl Champions. They know how to deal with diversity and anything else the Jaguars will throw at them. The Colts defense is actually not that bad, and the Jaguars defense is in fact good. However, The Colts can score at least 20 points on any given night against any team. I am predicting about a 27-23 game or so to the Colts. There is a possibility of a low-scoring game. If this was a regular day game, I would predict a 20-17 type of game. But whoever gets the ball first has a good chance of going right down the field and scoring. The Jaguars offense has been picking it up, but it won’t be as bad as last years game. The Colts could come out and explode for a blow out win, I give that 20-1 odds. A 3 point or less game about 7-1 odds. And 4-10 point game, 5-1 odds. And in the other case of Jacksonville winning…7-1.

With the importance of the game, Jacksonville is an unpredictable pick. As for the Colts, everyone knows that they will ‘Do what they do’.

In the words of Tony Dungy. Colts are Game.

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Before I get the 7, what happened in 6?

I guessed the exact score for the Packers/Redskins game, pretty exciting. Otherwise, a couple of the top teams in the NFC dueled it out, good game. The Chiefs are looking to contend with the Chargers, opposite for the Bengals with the Steelers. Jacksonville is starting to pick it up. The Cardinals might be losing everything they had, but Warner may be back already. Patriots are really THAT dominant. Seahawks are seriously not that good. Look out for the Giants, and don’t look out for the Rams.

Oh yea, here are some of my college picks. Those turned out to be decent.


Anyways the NFL.

CHIEFS>Raiders, Herm Edwards is here for one reason, and that is to win the Championship…
BEARS>Eagles, Why are the Bears my constant upset pick? Oh yea, I just pick all of Tony Dungy’s old assistant coaches to win every game.
TITANS>Texans, if that really is an upset. But who knows what Vinsanity will play like, or IF he will.
Bucs, Lions. This game is a risky one. Who knows what the Lions will play like, most inconsistent team right now. But coming off a bye week, one would think they figured out at least a little bit of the Bucs Defense. 9 out of 10 times, I would pick the Bucs, but just because the Lions have the ability to win, @ home, after Bye week. They need this. LIONS

And Seriously, the Saints do not deserve a 9 point line just for winning one game. If Byron can throw the ball, FALCONS are not a bad pick.

STEELERS>Broncos, welllll, I bet the Broncs actually start to pick it up in this game. So if they upset, nothing special.

I am definitely going with the Colts, I’ll analyze that one a little more, or try to.

There will be upsets this week, a couple away teams taking out the home favorites. One of them you won’t see coming, which could it be?

And woooah, something has to be wrong with Harrison. Can just a ‘knee bruise’ keep you out for 3 straight weeks? Let’s hope he plays.

Ohio State 27, MSU 17 / U-M 28, Illinois 20

Actual: OSU 24-17, UM 27-17.

Not bad at all.

Kitna agrees. The Kit

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Fifa 08, Thoughts?

Just got Fifa for Ps3 last Friday, and well with all the hype as usual, the game is yet another disappointment.

Yes, of course the graphics are better, and so are a bunch of updated features.

But many of the key concepts they said they worked on, aren’t very much improved.

The goalies are supposed to be a lot smarter now. Not when bounces off the post and the ball sits right in front of the goal, and the he doesn’t have any thoughts of grabbing the ball. Example: The ball sitting right in front of the goal, the goal is getting up after a dive, and the ball sits there at least 5 seconds. An offender taps it in after his slow reaction to it.
It takes the goalie 5 seconds to react, speed it up and pick up the ball before the other team gets it. So lazy.

Also, the players are supposed to be choosing between 30,000 motives, or however many they have. Can they also not go to the ball when it’s passed to them? Or why can’t they touch the ball when they aren’t selected? The selected player is the only one that goes to the ball. All the other players are like hey, it’s right in front of me, but I’ll let him sprint to it and probably not win the ball.

They made a point to make the computer a lot better, but now it isn’t really fair. Any tackle they have, oh very nice. Humans get called for the calls that they don’t. And their defenders can keep up with anyone, on semi-pro that is.

And how about this. 0-0 In 90+ minute, player gets by a defender, is on the 18 with a great shot to win, the whistle blows for end of regulation right after he gets by that last defender. What is that? Did they forget to make it fair when for when time ends?

I’m sure there will be more things to come, this is just after…less than a week of playing.

But hey, it’s still fun, and I’m still addicted, that will never change.

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A little delayed on the posting, 2 hours before gametime.
Looks like a rough week for pure upsets though. However, that usually leads to every game turning out to be an upset.
No Colts or Lions this week, so I’ll need some teams to replace them.

RAMS>Ravens, ravens -9.5? I really don’t think that is necessary, the Ravens Offense has been nothing lately. Last week the Rams offense picked up again, it will be an interesting game in BAL.
TITANS>Bucs,  both defenses are stellar, but I think the key is Vince Young, if he can do what he does, that gives them all that advantage. And right now the Bucs have NO rushing offense as seen last week against the colts.

From here, the upsets are not plenty.
I think the Raiders can get the -10 line against the Chargers.
If the Seahawks don’t win by -6.5, they are not on their way to anything special this year.
I don’t see many blowouts this week…
Two biggest games:
17 Packers – 14 Redskins, this will be a defensive battle, the Redskins have a good chance, but I don’t see the packers losing 2 straight in Lambeau
31 Patriots – 27 Cowboys, I hate do to it, but the Cowboys defense is too unpredictable. If they can hold Tom Brady’s offense to under 24 points I will be surprised. Either way, the Cowboys don’t want this one to get out of hand.

Look out for McNabb and his offense after coming off a bye. Same with the Bengals, both of these teams have something to prove. Cleveland and Miami will be a good high scoring game. The Cleveland defense will be key in defending Ronnie. Jax and Tex another good game, but low scoring. The Texans need to show they can actually beat someone good, but Jacksonvilles defense may be too much without Andre to help the Texans out. Chicago will keep it rolling against the offensive troubles vikings. Kurt Warner will lead the Cardinals over the Panthers, who have been suspect all year.

And the Monday nighter analysis will come…

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The Sunday games were not the bets of games. After the onslaught of upsets last week, there was a total of two upsets in the day games. One of them was the Chargers, who should have been the favorites. The other game was the Panthers, and I thought they should have been the favorites as well. So in my book, zero upsets, until the Bears game. The only true upset of the week.
I knew Lovie had it in him though, the Bears weren’t going to back down for the season. I mean…Lovie is a Tony Dungy product, that just doesn’t happen.

5-2, Legit. That’s 15-11 in all. 13-1 in ESPN Picks.

The Seahawks really disappointed me. When I thought they could put up a fight against the Steelers, they ended up not being able to get any points at all. As for the Lions, we all could see that coming, my mistake for going with them.
The Colts showed everyone how to do it, with 2 of their top guys out of the lineup. The Chargers had a demolishing, and the Bears are trying to get out of the losers bracket. Can the Chargers/Bears keep their winning ways going? Raiders/Vikings respectively, yes I believe they will. That’s .500% for the two teams everyone was worrying about. Can’t count them out.
The Saints on the other hand, have showed us nothing at all. Offense cannot get going, can’t win the close games. Their season is all but over.

ESPN’s Rankings: 6. Jaguars, 8. Redskins, 9. Ravens

I disagree with each of these. Jaguars so far, have been nothing special at all. We will see what they are about in week 7 against the Colts. Redskins, having their offense play good against the Lions means nothing. Possibly a top 10 team, better than the other 2. And the Ravens, their offense is horrible, I don’t care how good their defense is, they aren’t as good as they used to be.

BREAK UP the Giants, they are on a tear. If they can play consistently, here come the playoffs.

The two late night games, both excellent. Bears beating the Packers, even though the Packers threw it away. And the Cowboys, didn’t everyone hate to see them win? One of the best games of the year though.

Looking ahead:

Patriots @ The Boys.

After monday night, I believe everyone is betting on the Patriots.

Possible upsets: Rams, Jets, Titans, Dolphins, Texans. Not very big games, but could bring in some dough.

Never expect an easy game on SNF/MNF. Made evident last week.

Watch this…

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