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Raheem’s Thoughts

So I’m checking out Raheem’s twitter.

“yeah we didnt blitz at all, havent sat back in cover 2 since we played the chargers. we probably shoulda blitzed a lil more”

“We had a GREAT season! However, in the Super Bowl it seemed like a game from the Dungy-era — very conservative.”

“really i dnt feel it’s the Saints that beat us, we r def a better team. We beat ourselves with small things and simple mistakes”

“i was told we recovered it, but u cant control wut happens under that pile – when asked if Baskett recovered onside kick

This is all from Tuesday, Raheem replied to a lot of people, a lot of good stuff in there. He replied to a ton of tweets from all the fans.

Here’s after the game:

Respect to the Saints! The out played us today…..But! Some things that happen in the game makes me question some things!
Don’t get me wrong,I’m not taking anything away from them! They won!They deserve it!
But when my teammate gets held in front of the ref,then he tells my coach “that’s only his first time holding”..I question some things!
When I get held nd I tell the ref I’m getting held and he says nothing to me nd acts like I’m not there…I question some things
Normally when I go to a ref and say hey he’s holdn me!I get an” ok..what’s his number”?!Today I got no eye contact!No response!
We had our chances nd didn’t get it done! Nd I think this is what america wanted!

Morning tweeps! Yes only 11 fans at the airport to greet us yesterday! What happen? I have no clue!

He was obviously upset after the game. Funny about the airport thing because it was released that Colts didn’t want anyone there or something. No one on the Colts knew anything about it.

Just some things to think about, RB is a quality guy though. Makes you wonder. All of a sudden all the play calling was different, and he didn’t know why. No one knew why. Different defense, more conservative. I don’t know…Something funny is going on here…


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NFL 09 Predictions: A Look Back

Here’s what I had, division by division. And a few other things.

Mainly, I didn’t like the Jets, Broncos, or Cowboys very much. I’m one of the few people that picked the Jaguars to be last in the division. I only guessed three records perfectly (Texans, Packers, Panthers), but was 1/2 off on many. I liked the Bengals a lot, but not enough to get them to the playoffs.
8/12 playoff picks right (missed the Cowboys, Vikings, Bengals, Jets). I hated/hate Brett Favre too much to ever predict him to do well. Also, one of the few who didn’t pick the Bears to go to the playoffs.

Ended up in the 98 percentile on ESPN for spread pick ’em, if that says anything about the locks I was giving out. Pretty legit, right?

Anyways it’s basketball season, I’ll be around for March Madness and the NBA Playoffs, but still will post about the NFL.

Oh yeah, you can find me at RotoExperts.com or @azdroik

Keep it real.

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The “Experts”

Is ESPN really going to put this on the frontpage? Read this article, please. He picked Seattle and Jacksonville to win their divison, and that’s just a small part of it. He’s not good.
Here’s a quote from ESPN “Remember this? Back in September, our crack prognosticator predicted the way the NFL season was going to unfold. And he was right. Mostly. Some of the time. Well, a little”

Crack prog? Seriously, Gene is terrible. Another reason why “experts” suck.


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All right, no updates since last November, but here we go. Been a little busy at RotoExperts. Writing soccer, player news, and soccer radio show. All that good stuff, and it’s back.

So the game. First off, the Saints, as Archie Manning said, “Were meant to win it”. With how things turned out, how can you say otherwise? I still think the Colts are the better team, no, I know they are.

Up 10-3, the Colts were in a perfect spot after getting a goalline stand. Backed up on their own five yard line, they decide to do something they haven’t done all year. Run the clock and run the ball in the last two minutes before the half. Just going off memory, there was over 1:30 left on the clock. We know the rest, punt and Saints get three points. Besides the Pierre Garcon drop on their previous possession, which could have turned into 13-3 or 17-3, the three straight runs (two by Mike Hart) killed the game. Everyone knows Peyton could have driven down the field and put points on the board. They haven’t been stopped all year in the last two minutes, and it’s when they’re at their best. It was the Ravens game, it was big in the Jets game. This time, they are comfortable with a 10-3 lead against the best offense in the league? No. Without the Garcon drop, throw in points on this drive and it could be 16-3 at the least, or 24-3 at most. Instead it’s a four point game, 10-6.

Coming out of halftime, onside kick. I’ll give that one to the Saints. The Colts did that earlier in the year and it won it for them. Anyways, that was the dagger after the Colts gave the ball on their last drive. Throw in a missed field goal, which has been the story of the NFL, ALL YEAR. Now it’s a seven point lead for New Orleans.

All right, that interception? It was their Bread N Butter play in big situations. Anyone who has watched the Colts, knew that was coming. A quick shot to Reggie on the inside. I don’t know, maybe Reggie was slowed up by his knee, but that was just a bad throw. I just watched it again. Porter was sitting there waiting for it before Peyton threw it. Reggie wouldn’t even have gotten it anyway. Does anyone not realize that? I don’t know, that play was never close to happening, which doesn’t make sense.

50+ yard field goal for Matt Stover? Just stop.

The Saints were meant to win and they did. No, they didn’t outplay the Colts. They just won.

First time I had dreams of the Colts losing. Guess they were right.

Hey, Colts will be the favorites next year. Did anyone see their run defense? Yeah, pretty good. They’ll have Gonzalez and Sanders back. What else is there to say? As long as they keep their core together, it’s going to be a great season next year. I think it will be similar to the 2007 season, where they dominated good teams in all assets of the game. Granted they lost to the Chargers in the playoffs, but it won’t happen again.

Chalk it up, Colts SB45.

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