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Dead End

Hooray Patriots!
It doesn’t mean anything yet…

Last week of the season, few games have meaning.
I see the Browns getting in, as the Titans lose to the Colts.
Also Todd Collins leading the Redskins into the playoffs. 10 years between his starts, very nice.
Other than that it is all about seeding. I’m not sure why the Steelers are resting Big Ben, but if they don’t care to play either the Browns/Jaguars then I understand. However, the Jags are a much bigger threat. They are playing the Ravens though…
Chargers vs Browns / Steelers vs Jaguars
I would like to see the Jags play the Pats, they have a good chance of beating either team they play, more of a chance vs the Chargers though.

Giants vs Bucs
Redskins vs Seahawks

I like the Giants, but I don’t think they have a chance against the Cowboys, I’ll leave that to another team.

Well I don’t want to get ahead of myself in the Playoffs. Good luck.


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Well thanks a lot ESPN Experts for picking numerous upsets this week, really quite impressive.
Just kidding, you guys are great.

After what no one had thought possible, happened Thursday night. In the 15th week of the NFL season, the Texans made the AFC South a division with no sub-.500 teams. Many of you probably did not notice this, but it was an impressive win by the Texans taking out a decent teamĀ  in the Broncos. Mario Williams showed his worth, that is all that needs to be said.

So after last week with one real upset (HOU),technically 2 (NYG), what can we expect this week. It looks much of the same actually.

Instead of listing all my picks, I will just let my potential upset teams (all have potential, just with more potential)

Jacksonville has proved to be a good team this year, and Pittsburgh has been very shaken at times. However, I still pick PIT
Could this be Miami’s first win? Possibility with the weak Ravens. Will Troy play though, that may be a deciding factor in the outcome. Maybe Joey Porter will get in a fight with Ray Lewis? Pretty good matchup…maybe
Arizona, obviously is a possible upset. Both of these teams play the same. Heavy offense, weaker defenses. I like the Cards to this though, the Saints are home though.
Buffalo, I am just saying them because of the significance of this game. Otherwise, the Bills have not beaten anyone worthy of mentioning yet.
Also…Chiefs because Vince Young is nothing short of terrible.
Lions, I think they need a win.
Redskins somewhat, because Jason Campbell is better than what everyone thinks.
Bears because it is a divisional game and on Monday Night.

So check out those games. Best bets for a good game. I guess the Patriots/Jets because the Jets are going rock the Pats.

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Let’s make it quick.
I haven’t researched much this week, so don’t take these for granted.

And good job to Collins for that win over the Bears.

I like: Bungles, Chargers, Bucs, Packers, Jags, Vikes, Brownies, Broncs, Saints

And the rest…(upsets shall we say)
Hey, why not? I’ll take the Lions, didn’t see that one coming…
One of the bigger games of the week goes to the Giants, Eagles have been playing better as of late, but I expect the Giants DE to pick up the pace towards end of the year now.
Another take for the Dolphins first win of the year, gotta love Beck.
Yes, the Cardinals are money.
Oh I don’t guarantee this one, but the Steelers, mainly because I hate the Pats…
Of course, the Colts, in which everyone is saying it is harder than the Ravens record. Boller is better than McNair, yes, we’ll see what their defense can do though.

Gotta Love It.
Exam week is here ya’ll!

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Okay okay okay.
Enough of the bye weeks, we are now full tilt NFL, on our way to the playoffs.

In case anyone was wondering, yes I finally picked the Saints to go down to the Rams, what a great win.
Other than that, the Browns were a harder test than anyone thought they would be. The Eagles are still trying to make a run after the beating of the Redskins defense. Maybe the Packers are really that good. I am impressed by Jacksonville with these wins they are getting with Gray playing QB. I did not see any of these happening, but he did play better than Vinsanity, so what next?
With Chris Henry back, maybe the Bengals can win it out for a run at the playoffs, well, they might have to score some touchdowns here and there (I mean 7 field goals?). The Boys showed who was best in the NFC, and the Giants know where they need to improve (allowing 4TDs/game to Romo). Hey! The Bears got another win, with who? Grossman is back baby!
The Lions, need I say more? Competing with the Bolts to be the most inconsistent team in the league.
I’m not worrying about the Colts as much as everyone else, they played well, will get healthier. My only concern: Special Teams, it’s been a problem for a while, we’ll see how they cope.
The Seahawks Monday Night win, ehhh.

Now what’s in line for this week?

Packers: demolishing
Colts, Browns, Bucs : back on track
Cards/Bungles and Saints/Texans : shoot-outs

Hardest pick of the week goes to the Giants/Lions game.
It IS the Lions at home, both coming off losses however…
I really like the Lions to win this game, but can I really pick the Lions to win a big game? I don’t know if I trust them enough. It will be close, but the G-Men will get to Kitna too many times.
The Bills will put up a fight, but not big enough for the Pats. Lynch is questionable too, so that makes matters worse.
I like the Broncos in MNF. Titans could get back on track, but from what I have seen lately from their offense, is not good at all.

Colts will put things together, don’t worry about it.

I like the Chargers in an upset, even though the Jags have been playing well. I don’t think the Chargers are that good of team either, I just think they need to take out this mediocre team.
Who else? Not like it matters, but the Raiders have a good shot of taking out the Vikes.
I’ll take the Bungles even though the Cardinals are surging.
The Steel Curtain will be just that.
Maybe I’m forgetting something…
The Browns are good.

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The weeks have gone by quickly. It’s been a good season though, hopefully it doesn’t go by too fast.

Disappointed that I haven’t been able to update earlier in the week. But Colts/Pats, good game even though no one else thought it was. Even though the Colts lost, they looked real good. Stopping the Patriots like that, even though they lost it in the end, the Colts played real well. Truthfully, I don’t think anyone thought the Colts were that good, their defense at least.
And the Saints, hey let’s face it…They still aren’t good. I don’t care what they are doing. I will keep defending their opponent until they beat someone noteworthy.
How about those Lions, that win was real nice. Just showed how much they have improved since last year.
As well as the Browns, no one expected them to pull through in OT of that game, or come back from that deficit.
Steelers are starting to wreck havoc like the Colts/Pats.
Chargers were the biggest disappointment for me last week, I mean what happened to their better then average run defense. WHAT was that !? I mean, everyone KNEW that they were going to run the ball, everyone. Maybe they are that good, but still, if you know exactly what a team was going to do, you should be able to stop it, right?
Bengals, Bungles, who knows, they are a mess. I think I’ve said that before…

Well let’s get this week started.

I’m not exactly sure how the Lions are underdogs, after they lose we’ll probably see why though.
No, just kidding, I see the LIONS winning, if they can stop Kurt like the Bucs did last week.
Steelers/Browns, Pretty big game, as the Browns are fighting for a playoff, yes the Browns, but the STEELERS are just too tough, expect about a TD difference, not as much as the first game though.
PLEASE, someone needs to take out the Saints. What will I say, the RAMS? What? Yes!!! The Rams first win of the season comes against everybody’s favorite Saints. After the bye week, Bulger comes alive and takes it to them, BUT what about the Rams defense? Oh yea, that might be a problem.
A lot of divisional games this week, and a lot of big ones.
Some key games for the playoffs.
TITANS take another one from the jags, with gray at QB, they will score less than they did in the first meeting.
I pick the Bengals to win too much, but hey, this is a perfect game for them. Good defense, bad offense. As long as Palmer can find the end zone like the steelers did last week, the BENGALS will get 2 off the Ravens this year.
The first meeting was a shootout, this time, the Giants defense is a bit improved. Look for them to still score like they did last game, but control Romo a lot better. GIANTS.

Both teams looking to get back on the winning side. The Chargers really need to pick it up to make a playoff run, as they have already lost to the Chiefs. However, the Colts are the Colts, and they are just about the most consistent team there is in the NFL. COLTS on Sunday night in SD, oh yea, they can overcome diversity.

Good monday night game…Maybe they had hopes for either one of these teams to live up to expectations. The 49ers offense is horrid. The C-HAWKS will easily control the game. Unless of course the 49ers Defense can stop the hassler. Alexander will need to pick it up at some point this season too.

Very good.

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Well the Lions pulled it off, can they keep it going? This weeks games are a mess. For only 3 of the games, the point spread is more than 4. This leads to some very tough picks.

Ohk, I was way off with the Saints last. I STILL do not believe in them, so I am giving this to a Jacksonville team that surprisingly pulled out a win last week. Even though Quinn is a horrid starting QB, I think the Jags De will give it to Brees.
SEAHAWKS>Browns, I do like the Browns, however, with the C-Hawks coming off their bye week. They will pull it together and stop Derek Anderson ENOUGH to get a win.
Chargers, Vikings…O/U = 41? So that’s about 28-13 Chargers, I think Phil will give it to Antonio/Chris, then LT will come in and seal the deal, giving the Chargers at least 30 points. And I think the Vikings will throw at least 14 on the board. Making this OVER. Also the line is only 7, add like a TD to that, and you’re still golden.

Any upset this week is not really surprising at all. Any of the underdogs have a decent chance of winning, except the Vikings.

This leads to me possibly having the Ravens, yes the Ravens upset the Steelers. I don’t like them particularly well, but coming off a bye week. AND with SD NE IND in consecutive weeks, they need to get some wins in before that happens. I won’t give them the straight up win, but I will take the Ravens on the 9 point spread.

And the Lions…Selvin Young has some moves, but KJ on the other side of the ball will scrape up his yardage, plus Kitna. A narrow win for the Lions @ Home, But Cutler will have a chance to pick apart the Lions secondary, look out for a Lions letdown…

Packers/Chiefs will also be a good game. Chiefs coming off a BYE, and the Pack off that Monday night thriller. Such a good pick for KC, but the Packers do have what it takes to win. Tough choice, I think LJ and D Bowe will lead the way for the Chiefs.
I don’t like the Panthers, and the Titans offense has been nothing as of late, so good material for Carolina.
Bungles, what to do about these guys? Seriously…Buffalo has a decent team, but I like Cincy.
After that quote by Boldin and saying how hard it is going to beat these guys, that’s rough, from a potent offense. I like the Cards, IF their defense can do something because the Bucs have a good team.
Oh yea, Dallas by more than 3, unless Donovan plays good, but he won’t.

Ohk, well the Colts-Pats. I try not to think about it so much because it gets me so anxious. Tomorrow is the day, not that it means anything for the future though. I feel the Patriots have a better chance of winning this game than if they meet in the playoffs. Just my feelings. I still think the Colts will win though. TB may be everything, but 9 point favorites coming into the undefeated SuperBowl champions home? I know everyone is saying that, but think about it. I know what the Patriots have done, but I also know what the Colts have done. Peyton will not let this game get too far out of reach, and Vinatieri will close it out against his former team.
Win or lose for the Colts, it will be a fun game no doubt. Can’t wait for it. Get your popcorn ready!

It’s gonna be good.

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8 is Great

All right, time for some teams to start making playoff runs, or try to (Lions).

Let’s start with Pitt and Cin. The Bengals still have not looked very good at all. If they can’t get anything going, is that it for the Marvin? Well this game could mean in/out for the Bengals playoff hopes. After they lost to the Broncos last week, the Steelers are wanting to get off the losing side. Who will pull through? Will it be the Bengals defense, or the Pittsburgh defense. The game lies on the defenses. Cincy has been horrible, while Pittsburgh has never really been able to contain the Bungles. Even though I don’t have much faith in the Cincy defense right now, I am throwing them on the Upset List.
COLTS>Panthers, the Panthers don’t have anything impressive, Testy is conservative, which is an advantage over the Colts. But it’s the Colts we’re talking about.
Titans 8 point favorites? Not until their offense shows up. This will be a close game.

QuinnGray vs. the BUCS, I saw him play against the Colts, and he could NOT throw the ball, hopefully he improves or this will be out of hand.
Jets, Bills…ehhh. The Bills are playing better right now, but Pennington has one more chance to prove him self, and it’s in the Meadowlands. So I give it to J E T S.
49ERS>Saints, please people, the Saints are not back and they won’t be for the rest of the year.
BRONCOS>Packers, the Broncos picked it up last week, and they will pick it up again this week. Back to back Sun-Mon night home games, weird. It will be close though, PLUS Packers are coming off a bye. So either way, someone is winning by a field goal.

And Lions, hmm. After the Bears their schedule is rough. If they can’t pull through with this, the playoffs will be a stretch. It is in Chicago, against Lovie, and the Lions got the best of them last time. I like the BEARS. If the Lions win though, they’re showing something, after getting ridiculed for the gatorade celebration and all.

Seems like a boring week to me. Wait, no week is ever boring in the NFL.

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