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Fifa 08, Thoughts?

Just got Fifa for Ps3 last Friday, and well with all the hype as usual, the game is yet another disappointment.

Yes, of course the graphics are better, and so are a bunch of updated features.

But many of the key concepts they said they worked on, aren’t very much improved.

The goalies are supposed to be a lot smarter now. Not when bounces off the post and the ball sits right in front of the goal, and the he doesn’t have any thoughts of grabbing the ball. Example: The ball sitting right in front of the goal, the goal is getting up after a dive, and the ball sits there at least 5 seconds. An offender taps it in after his slow reaction to it.
It takes the goalie 5 seconds to react, speed it up and pick up the ball before the other team gets it. So lazy.

Also, the players are supposed to be choosing between 30,000 motives, or however many they have. Can they also not go to the ball when it’s passed to them? Or why can’t they touch the ball when they aren’t selected? The selected player is the only one that goes to the ball. All the other players are like hey, it’s right in front of me, but I’ll let him sprint to it and probably not win the ball.

They made a point to make the computer a lot better, but now it isn’t really fair. Any tackle they have, oh very nice. Humans get called for the calls that they don’t. And their defenders can keep up with anyone, on semi-pro that is.

And how about this. 0-0 In 90+ minute, player gets by a defender, is on the 18 with a great shot to win, the whistle blows for end of regulation right after he gets by that last defender. What is that? Did they forget to make it fair when for when time ends?

I’m sure there will be more things to come, this is just after…less than a week of playing.

But hey, it’s still fun, and I’m still addicted, that will never change.


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