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Everyone is talking about the game tonight, in the NFL world that is. How could you not? The Patriots have all these records to break, can they pull threw? I’m gonna be biased and say the Patriots lose just because I don’t like the Patriots.
But how fitting would it be for Eli Manning’s team to ruin the Patriots perfect season. I mean, Peyton’s brother and all, it is perfect. Maybe Eli can end the season like he started it, with a little more than decent game.
I mean, the Giants are going to “Play to win”. But really, I don’t think Coughlin is that good of a coach to overpower Belichick. Unless the Giants have one of their best games of their year, they cannot win. They may be able to run over the Patriots, that will be key. Also, Eli cannot make mistakes. Other than that, of course, their defense has to show something against Brady. The Giants pass defense is not that good, and unless they change some of their tactics, will not stop the Patriots passing game.
They definitely need more penetration on the line, Osi and Michael are the key to that.
It will either be a blowout or a close game. Patriots are 14 point favorites. Will the Patriots come out all pissed and ready to break these records? I think so, I hate to pick a blow out here, but it may be just that.
Let’s say, because it’s a home game, the Giants will put up a fight. 28-27.


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